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  1. jannb

    Please help

    I’m very sorry to hear about your baby. He needs to see a vet for an antibiotic. It sounds like he has an RI. Riding to the vet will not kill him but his illness might. My vet use to be 4 and a half hours one way and my guys made the trip many times and I often stayed in a hotel with them...
  2. jannb

    I'm a Momma

    Thank you Becca! Thank you Brody for you kind words about my photos. We use a Nikon D 90. Thank you Michael! Thank you for you nice comments! I’m keeping this baby regardless of the sex but a boy would be very nice! Thank you Clayton! Thank you Michelle! I think I’ll wait and name...
  3. jannb

    I'm a Momma

    My Nosy Be egg from Matt hatched yesterday. The baby is so tiny and just precious.
  4. jannb

    Looking for Male Veiled Chameleon Weight according to age...

    Here’s pictures of Sage with his age and weight on each one.
  5. jannb

    Free (part) of Reptile Medicine and Surgery book on Google

    I have that book. My vet, Dr. Mader, is the author of that book and four others like it. They are mainly for other vets that are trying to learn how to work on Reptiles.
  6. jannb

    Weekend Photos of the Chameleons

    Thank you again Matt for all of your kind words! Thank you Kat, for the nice comments! Thank you Freddy! Stanley came from chameleonsonly, the Krammer’s.
  7. jannb

    Weekend Photos of the Chameleons

    Thank you Becca, for you very kind words. I love these babies so very much! Thank you Chase! It nice to see you around! Thank you Michelle! I hope all of your guys are doing well? Thank you Brad. Lola is becoming quite a lovely lady. ❤️ Thank you Matt. This means allot coming from you!
  8. jannb

    Weekend Photos of the Chameleons

    Sweet little Stanley, 2 years old and 100 grams. Hammy, 13 & 1/2 months old. 188 grams 2/9/19 Lola, 13 & 1/2 months old 104 grams Gordon, getting ready to shed, 9 months old and 180 grams.
  9. jannb

    Help my baby veiled chameleon

    Yes. What size crickets were you feeding. It they are to large they want eat them.
  10. jannb

    Help my baby veiled chameleon

    Welcome to the forums. What a cute little guy. I’m sorry he is not doing well. Please post photos of his small enclosure and fill out the form attached below. A young veiled should be eating 12 to 15 well gutloaded crickets a day. Often some lights can bother their eyes. The more details you...
  11. jannb

    2018 Best Photo

    Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone that voted for Fiona’s photo. All of theses photos are awesome. The best of the best! ❤️
  12. jannb

    Show me your veilds.

    My current veileds, Hammy and Lola
  13. jannb

    Love my Chameleon forum Calendar!

    I love him too! I will enjoy seeing him this month.
  14. jannb

    Amos and Fiona's unofficial scale-baby thread

    I love Squirt. Thank you for sharing him with us. ❤️
  15. jannb

    Amos and Fiona's unofficial scale-baby thread

    Happy New Year to you and Morty! He is so handsome. You make awesome photos. Thank you for sharing him with us. ❤️
  16. jannb

    Amos and Fiona's unofficial scale-baby thread

    @Hydee I think this is for you.
  17. jannb

    In Memoriam for Karma

    I am sorry for your loss.
  18. jannb

    R.I.P. Steve

    I’m sorry for you loss.
  19. jannb

    Amos and Fiona's unofficial scale-baby thread

    Squirt is such a handsome boy! His weight can’t be correct. Hammy weighed 180 grams today and Squirt looks like he’s 200 grams or more. That big boy needs a large outside sun cage. I hight recommend a heavy wood cage that can’t blow over in the wind. You might also be able to find a nice bird...
  20. jannb

    Adopted relinquished little girl, would love tips and suggestions

    Welcome to the forums and thank you for saving her. That eye looks pretty bad. I’m not sure how experienced, with chameleons, the vet is where you work but I’d recommend a trip to see Dr. Greek in Yorba Linda. There’s plenty of research you can do here. This is a good place to start...
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