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  1. leedragon

    Converting beta carotene...

    that could be a effect of lack of fat.
  2. leedragon

    Jackson Chameleon Availability..

    Well merus seem to be gone now. Xanthos are as Always availabe and Jacksonii jacksonii are I guess a bit more easy than Before but you have to look harder than xanthos.
  3. leedragon

    Converting beta carotene...

    There was this study that was done on Yemens in Florida I Believe a few years back even posted here a couple of times that showed that they could not convert carotene into vitamin a. This spread even to the geckos forum advising to use oil form vitamin a instead of carrots in gutloading. I have...
  4. leedragon

    Canopy chameleon?

    I am #@## with you man. I do hope they make it due they are in few numbers in captivity. But if you are committed your chances are as good as any here since none really have find the right way for them as far as I know. Pm Petr necas on Facebook and Van Overbeka Jurgen, they and Chris Andersson...
  5. leedragon


    Who still have any merus? I haven´t seen them in a very long time. :eek:
  6. leedragon

    Chamaeleo calyptratus biotopes

    Think About it this way, some plants would hibernate. you don´t need to due in captivity they will not experience those harsh conditions, but those who do live far longer. part due they metabolism slows down for a period and it offers variations and stimulation inside the animals hormons and...
  7. leedragon

    Brookesia photos....

    The thing is that a shit ton of chameleons have been sported over the years, wayy after people acquired the knowledge how to keep them and they still haven´t been stablished. Yemens and Panthers are the only ones. You see Jacksons because of Hawaii. But time and time again tons of animals go to...
  8. leedragon

    Calumma Globifer

    any updates on them? :O
  9. leedragon

    Please HELP! My female Jackson has dark patches that won’t go away!?!?

    move yhe lights higher up. put you hand on the highest part of where it can climb. if it´s too hot for you it´s too hot for her.
  10. leedragon

    One last time before I go the PETCO in NYC

    And everyone forget that the amount of damage that will cause is the same as the chameleon that is brough to a reptil show and then taken home from there to someones house. Is that a policy they have? the guy can just sell it or give it to someone after that.
  11. leedragon

    One last time before I go the PETCO in NYC

    Dude, everyone just need to shut up. The chameleon will not die for picking it up and letting it walk 3 feet. ONCE. specially if it´s a jemen. I see pretty worse here in the forums when they let their cats be around them. putting chameleons of different size on top of eachother, wraping them in...
  12. leedragon

    One last time before I go the PETCO in NYC

    The **** has being a girl to do with anything?
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    awesome :)
  14. leedragon


    But they can do conservation aswell as with Yellowstone. And because of this that I wanted to bring this to people´s attention. military operation in Island can end really bad like with Guam and it´s native birds.
  15. leedragon


    Not sure if allowed but i Think it´s of importance. The US together Ecuador goverment are planing to use the Galapagos Island for military operations. As a reptil comunity, give chameleons but I bet alot of people like tortoises and iguanas i thought you may want to read about this...
  16. leedragon

    I know we're not supposed to mix chams and frogs but...

    The sun is the reason to take the chameleon outside. Due it´s benefits, not a cause of damage to it. Yes and that is what-aboutism. Just because something is bad is no a reason to do 10 more bad things. The chameleon benefits from being exposed to natural sun, to rain, to change in presure in...
  17. leedragon

    I know we're not supposed to mix chams and frogs but...

    It is fundamentally different. If you take your animal outside in it´s Cage, you are not supposed to be playing with it but some jackasses do. The animal in it´s Cage outside will get sun which is beneficial for him, it will experience the stress while being moved out. If you put a frog in a...
  18. leedragon

    I know we're not supposed to mix chams and frogs but...

    YEah I seen one of those threads. You coud do all of that OR don´t do any of that and make a paladarium for a species which is amphibious. win win less Money spend.
  19. leedragon

    I know we're not supposed to mix chams and frogs but...

    Chameleons in captivity don´t have the possibilities and risk they have in nature. Sure they come across other animals, and many times they get killed by them aswell. Because there is something in nature doesn´t meant it will be beneficial to the animal if we take just that and put it in the...
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