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    Humidity for my chameleon

    I cut down a shower curtain liner I bought at the dollar store to cover the back and sides. It helps keep out drafts from my A/C. But it also helps maintaining humidity

    Cage Critique & Cham acting weird!

    Yeah All 3 of mine clearly hate me

    New Chameleon Owner! Baby Veiled! Help and Advice Needed!

    I also STRONGLY recommend a linear tube light. A T5 HO florescent lamp The coiled/spiral type bulbs at best provide almost no UV at any distance through a screen. And at worse, they cause eye issues and blindness. It looks like you let your Chameleon get some real sunlight? I'd take that CFL...

    Florida Residence

    I told them I have free time, a truck and gas money.....

    Florida Residence

    Yes. Krome. From what I've been told, the wild chams haven't adapted well to captivity and are mostly pretty sickly. But I'd say that too, if I wanted less competition. There are sightings here in Broward county. But no common areas like south Dade county.

    Cage Critique & Cham acting weird!

    Is your Chameleon able to get out of that heat? 90 to 95 is very hot for a Veiled Chameleon. And OVERHEATING causes both the spots and the mouth gaping.

    Please critique my enclosures (Again)

    I have hundreds of feet of grape vine. I just chopped up a huge grapevine. I'm referring to leafy hiding areas. My Schefflera are still small. I also have a few Pothos on there. Also still small.

    Florida Residence

    I'm also SE coast area. I don't know firsthand where they are. Just in Homestead and on or near Chrome ave. I've attempted to contact a few folks with YOUTUBE videos up. Nothing yet.

    Please critique my enclosures (Again)

    I have cages outdoors too. Each time I do anything major with a cage indoors, outside they go. It's technically Winter time. But its 77 to 85 degrees.

    Please critique my enclosures (Again)

    I forgot to mention that there is a sheet of waterproof rigid plastic pvc in between the two cages. They cannot see each other. And the 3rd cage is in a different part of the same room.

    Please critique my enclosures (Again)

    Yeah. I want to ad more vines. But like I said, I'm worried about the chams eating plastic.

    Please critique my enclosures (Again)

    My 3 male Veiled Chameleons live in 3 XXL Reptibreeze cages. Each cage has a "Little Dripper" that drips for about 2 hours a day. First thing in the morning. And I have a MISTKING with a nozzle in each cage that mists for 3 minutes 5 times over a 24 hour period in each cage. Each cage constantly...

    Going out of state

    That's tough. I had to leave my Chameleons and other animals for 4 days and 3 nights. I already had my lights and MISTKING on timers. The MISTKING hopper has a 5 day water supply. In each cage I placed 12 crickets into their usual feeder cups. Let another 12 loose to free range the cages and...

    When to feed HORNWORMS?

    I have 3 Veiled Chameleons (in 3 cages) all eating large crickets and some Superworms. Two of them are 6 months old. One is more like 9 months old. Although sturdy and large and are good eaters, they are not adults. How old/ large should they be before I offer Hornworms? Also, how would I offer...

    Temp. & Humidity Gauge

    Temperatures guns are great. I also have one of these placed in the center of each of my enclosures. The HOME DEPOT, LOWES, WALMART, etc. carry them for about $10 in the garden department. They show ambient heat and humidity and seem to be at least partially water resistant.... I've never had to...

    Is a money tree safe?

    Has anyone had one of these in a pot for any time? I bought one to feed the leaves to my tortoises....The tortoises didn't care for them. So I planted the Money tree in the yard and forgot about it. It grew pretty large. Eventually I dug it up to move it to a better spot and found a tuber/root...

    50 cent basking bulbs.

    That's a good deal. Light bulbs are being phased over to efficient LED. Lights that produce heat are going to get really hard to come by.

    Safe silicone

    I used the vinegar smelling "aquarium type" clear silicone. The kind that's been around for decades. The smell disappears once it dries/cures. It's a fantastic, flexible, waterproof product. All of my enclosures have the bottom seams sealed up with it. So that they drain through the center...

    Show me your lights!

    I use an LED plant light for my plants. A T5HO 5.0 UV lamp that is 24" and an incandescent 75 watt heat bulb on each of my three enclosures

    Safe silicone

    I used this. Vinegar smell.
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