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  1. jajeanpierre

    Young Gracilior Male

    CBB Trioceros quadricornis gracilior
  2. jajeanpierre

    US T.q.quadricornis and T.q.gracilior babies/juveniles available

    I have some Trioceros quadricornis quadricornis and Trioceros quadricornis gracilior babies and juveniles available. An easy to care for and hardy montane species needing lots of humidity/water. I have a few unrelated pairs of graciliors available.
  3. jajeanpierre

    T.q. gracilior and T.q.quadricornis for sale

    Available for a limited time: Baby and juvenile Trioceros quadricornis gracilior and Trioceros quadricornis quadricornis. I'm moving to a place where I won't be able to ship so need to move these to their new homes in the next two weeks. Some unrelated gracilior pairs are also available. I...
  4. jajeanpierre

    Any one know how many people have hatched these????

    I've been avoiding looking in my incubator and debating just tossing all the eggs. I don't think I've looked for two weeks, maybe longer. Today I forced myself to check. I have no idea when this little one hatched. Baby was active today but not interested in eating so I am hoping it is just...
  5. jajeanpierre

    Fat Toad Campani Baby

    Furcifer campani, 3 1/2 weeks old. Survived five days of being cared for by my non-chameleon husband while I was away.... She's such a fat little toad. When I came home from my trip I found a second baby hatched in the incubator. Not as pretty as this one, so I am hoping it is a male...
  6. jajeanpierre

    Wyoming Surprise

    I'm moving to Wyoming as soon as I can get my house sorted out and sold or at least made ready to sell. Almost 30 years ago, before we were married, my husband agreed we would make one move from Ontario, Canada, to Vancouver Island. He lied. Since that "one move" across Canada, we've moved...
  7. jajeanpierre

    Something a little different.... Babies!

    This was a surprise hatch--I did not expect anything to hatch. This little gem hatched 13 months after her newly imported mother died and had to cut the eggs out. My phone does not do justice to the reds, but her lateral stripes are bright, almost fluorescent salmon orange. I wish she were a...
  8. jajeanpierre

    It is with great sadness...

    That I report the passing of two of my firsts: My very first quad, ShenLong, and Amelia, a gracilior from the my first clutch that I ever hatched. Both were humanely euthanized today. ShenLong was my very first quad and the first wild caught I ever owned. I owe ShenLong a debt of gratitude...
  9. jajeanpierre

    The Incomparable Pumpkin

    Incomparable and inappropriately named--but don't blame me for her name as I didn't name her! Wild caught T.q.gracilior imported December 2014, so probably at least four years old now. I adore this girl. Picture taken a day or two ago when she was annoyed seeing a male she wasn't used to seeing.
  10. jajeanpierre

    Orange or gold T.q.gracilior male

    Very pretty sub adult cbb Trioceros quadricornis gracilior for sale, $225 plus shipping. I have unrelated cbb females I can pair up with him. I am hoping he is an orange-cheeked male but only time will tell. His grandmother has produced orange. The big drop of water hides his beautiful wide...
  11. jajeanpierre

    Quad Quad Babies

    Baby CBB Trioceros quadricornis quadricornis for sale. New bloodlines.
  12. jajeanpierre

    Baby Quad Quad

    A little dull as he's about to shed, but cute nonetheless. Trioceros quadricornis quadricornis CBB.
  13. jajeanpierre

    Back injury--calling all rehabbers

    I finally did it--yesterday I splooshed a tiny baby in the door on the hinge side of an Exo-Terra. Silly baby was escaping in the opening. I had caught him once but he snuck up on me a second time as I shut the door. The door caught him in the thoracic part of his back. He was immediately...
  14. jajeanpierre


    I love this guy. He's the gracilior in my avatar. The avatar picture was taken when he was just a juvenile, now he's all grown up. I love his blues. Like most wild caughts, he suffered permanent injuries (broken horns and sail fin damage).
  15. jajeanpierre


    I name them whatever they remind me of and this boy was a bright mustard yellow and cream baby when he was imported at 4.4g. Not a typo--less than 5g at import. I bought him because he was such an unusual color and I wanted to see what he would grow up to look like. Well here he is all grown...
  16. jajeanpierre

    And now for something completely different....

    Itty bitty CBB T. crisitatus. He can't have weighed more than 3g when I took those two pictures which were taken seconds apart. He had never displayed like that before and hasn't since. The second picture gives you a bit of reference for his size and normal colors. I love love love their...
  17. jajeanpierre

    Birthday Babies

    These Trioceros quadricornis graciliors hatched on my birthday a couple of days ago. This is a different clutch than the babies in my "New Year's Day Surprise" thread. These guys are four days younger.
  18. jajeanpierre

    New Year's Day Surprise

    Trioceros quadricornis gracilior
  19. jajeanpierre

    Squiggly Gracilior

    Wild caught T.q.gracilior female. Like many of my chameleons, she got her name for something very obvious about her--in this case her poor mangled corkscrew of a tail that is crushed, bent, broken, twisted and flattened. The tail picture looks a million times better than it really is.
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