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  1. Supergirl

    Say Hello to our New Girl!!!

    My Hubby's birthday is coming up (he is the most difficult man to shop for) and I thought, what better present to get him than a new chameleon!!! :D So I got him a girl!!! Picked up this pretty little Panther morph, about 7 months old... we named her Lucy. The Hubby was so happy with his b-day...
  2. Supergirl

    New Baby Sugar Glider!

    Our family of critters is ever growing... we've now added a Marsupial :p I fell in love with Sugar Gliders over a year ago, during a presentation by "Pocket Pets" at our local mall. I had no idea what kind of care they required, and wanted to research and learn as much about them before...
  3. Supergirl

    Our New Addition... Veiled Girl =) *pic heavy*

    Picked this sweet little girl up yesterday... haven't named her yet. She seems to be settling in well... very active and has exploring her new home. Her tail seems to have been nipped, she was housed with her sister when we got her.. and had probably been housed with the rest of her...
  4. Supergirl

    Leonidas won the photo contest!!

    I'm so proud!! My Hubby (A1forall) entered our boy Leonidas in the photo contest this month, and he won!! I'm so proud of my boys :p The Hubby hardly ever posts on here (I'm the computer nerd of the family :rolleyes:) so I just wanted to say thanks on his behalf :D
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  6. Supergirl

    URGENT HELP!! Egg laying outdoors??!!!

    today we had our WC ambilobe girl, Lilu getting some natural sunshine in the outdoor enclosure on our front deck. We rotate all our chams so they can each get some sun while the weather permits. She's a WC ambilobe which we've suspected was gravid. She has a 5 gallon bin with playsand in her...
  7. Supergirl

    Update: Leonidas all grown up! (pic heavy!)

    Thought I'd post some updated pictures of our big boy Leonidas... he's a year old now. It's been such an awesome experience watching him grow up.. He's not only handsome but has the best personality ever! Thanks for looking! :)
  8. Supergirl

    Female Chameleon eating playsand in laying bin!!

    I am freaking out..... I just put a laying bin in my 4 month old Veiled's enclosure... she immediately went down to inspect it, or so I thought... all of the sudden she flings her tongue and starts eating it! Now she's in the bin, on the sand eating by the mouthful.. What do I do?????? Do I take...
  9. Supergirl

    What causes prolapse?

    I am wondering if theres anything that causes it or is it usually accidental fluke? Are there ways of preventing it? Today I had a major scare with Leonidas, he looked like he was trying to poop (could see the area near his vent and tail moving) and then low and behold his hemipene thingie came...
  10. Supergirl

    Leonidas surfing the web!

    Was glued to my computer, on the forums (as per usual) and who comes to hang out? I guess he wanted to look at the pretty cham pictures :p My hubby thought it was so cute how he was just hangin out, intently looking at the computer screen.. he pulled out the camera n took a few pix...
  11. Supergirl

    Poop, Sperm Plug, Prolapse??? Please Help!

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Ambilobe Panther, male, 3 months old. How long has it been in your care? 2 1/2 weeks Handling - How often do you handle your chameleon? just about every day, whenever its sunny we take him outside for natural sun and also hand feed him Feeding - What...
  12. Supergirl


    200 posts, yay! :D:p:):rolleyes:
  13. Supergirl

    Leonidas enjoying the Sun!

    Been taking the gang out as much as possible while its still warm... . Luke & Leia (Veiled's) have been shedding the last 2 days so they were a little grumpy, did not want to pose for the camera :rolleyes: Leonidas's colors seemed to get brighter by the minute the longer we were outside...
  14. Supergirl

    Other than Chameleons, What else have you been addicted to/obsessed with?

    Me... Nail Polish & Make-up.
  15. Supergirl

    Lunchtime with Leonidas

    A few pix the Hubby took today while he was chowing down crickets... He sure has a huge appetite!
  16. Supergirl

    Chameleon Kisses!

    We are 2 days in with our new Ambilobe baby boy, Leonidas.. He has been doing really great... eating and drinking, normal poo/urate, active and showing no signs of stress. Today we even hand fed him! He ate a cricket right out of my hubby's hand :D So he crawled up on my hand... I started to...
  17. Supergirl

    USPS Rant

    I am usually very happy with the USPS... I order things online often, occasionally sell on ebay and have never had a problem. I purchased some exo terra jungle vines from Amazon a couple of weeks ago. A few days later received notice that the order had shipped. A week went by and nothing came...
  18. Supergirl

    New Baby Boy, Leonidas!!

    11 week old BB Ambilobe sired by Bonaroo, from Chameleon Company. Arrived early this morning... I opened up the box and he climbed right on my hand and up my arm.. was very calm and friendly, didn't show any signs of stress. Am completely in love with him!! :D Named him Leonidas after the King...
  19. Supergirl

    Overnight Shipping Confusion

    So I received tracking info for my new baby boy today (placed an order with Jim from Chameleon Company on Saturday.) This is my first time having a live animal shipped, so I am a bit nervous and probably just worrying too much. I have spent all day checking the tracking info updates. He is being...
  20. Supergirl

    Anyone have pet Sugar Glider?

    I've been considering getting 2 of them for a long time.. Have read up about their care and they sound perfect for me. But I've also read a lot of mixed reviews from owners. Some say they are wonderful, others say they are a nightmare! I'm sure a lot of it has to do with how they are raised and...
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