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  1. Sal


    Are you speaking of the lilac shrubs that are usually planted out in the garden? (they do get huge) Don't know how well a small shrub would do in a chameleon enclosure, I know they need pruning and they would still need fertilizer which you surely would not want to expose a cham to. Are they...
  2. Sal

    Roaches are people too.

    Brad, It has been a really long time since I have seen it, but you should watch the Japanese animated film titled Twilight of the Cockroaches. I think you would appreciate it. :D
  3. Sal

    My Chameleon Cartoon

    Excellent.. :D
  4. Sal

    Who says chameleons can't jump?!

    LOL! That is excellent! Seeing as my panther Jack is free ranging, I will NOT be showing him that video, lest he gets any ideas.. :eek:
  5. Sal

    Cham eating in morning

    My panther crawls down his big ficus tree early every morning to eat out of his bowl (usually 7:30am to 8:00am)... That is usually the only time he comes down to eat.. So never any sleeping-in at Sal's - at least not until I have been up and taken care of all the critters.. :p
  6. Sal

    chameleon smoothie

    ewww... and I would hate to later find something untoward floating in my vodka and frozen orange.. :eek: :eek: :eek:
  7. Sal

    Nosey Be Panther chameleon Price??

    Correct... and that is why no one responded with an exact answer..
  8. Sal

    Open Air enclosure build thread

    You'll be fine.. I keep one of my chams in a large ficus tree in the sun room. The pots are so large that he is unable to climb out and down to the floor..
  9. Clyde


    refusing to show my pretty colours for the camera..
  10. Bonnie


    waiting in my ficus...
  11. Bonnie


    showing my colours during cage cleaning time..
  12. Jack


    hanging out in my tree..
  13. Jack


    hanging out in my tree..
  14. Sal

    1 month old Carpet

    The cultures are usually in a cup and all I do is tap it a few times on a hard surface before opening to get the flies to fall towards the bottom. Open it up and shake some flies in a sandwich baggie (I will have already put some supplement dust in the baggie). Once you have shaken enough out...
  15. Sal

    shedding question and pics of cage

    My chams always shed in one day - sometimes in a matter of hours..
  16. Sal

    Rearing Enclosures

    That is the most adorable pic I have ever seen of a cham! :)
  17. Sal

    Fractal's "Guickening" & escape

    OH NO! I wish we could all come over and do a hunt for Fractal.. :( I do hope he turns up.. could you maybe put a bucket of crickets and such out to see if he heads towards it during the day?
  18. Sal


    Snakes are lovely.. is it the fact that you see the mice as cute and furry with their little twitchy noses? I feed my frozen/thawed.. the cuteness factor kinda disappears that way.. I am told vine snakes along with others will eat fish.. most species will also eat chicks and quail which...
  19. Sal

    Ants in my plants

    I find ants here come in for the water.. :mad:
  20. Sal

    Cyrus had final eye check...

    awww.. I am glad Cyrus is doing better and that you were able to stop the problem from turning into something really dreadful.. I am sure he will adjust and live to be a sweet old fella - it is nice that he's got someone good looking out for him.. :)
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