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  1. SharpShooter

    Gordon [email protected]#$%^& Ramsey Has It Easy

    So on today's menu we have; A ground mix of dry gutload served alongside cubes of apple, mango and carrot, topped off with fresh watercress and wild rocket, all served on an individual leaf of spring greens. I'll have a piece of toast (if I get chance)!
  2. SharpShooter

    Scabs after sheds

    Hi folks, Bob has got a few little 'scabs' for want of a better description, including one on his cask. They have appeared after a patchy shed and there may be a couple more beginning on his foot but not yet scabbed like those in the picture. I originally put it down to small pieces of stuck...
  3. SharpShooter

    Wanting a bit or wanting to kill her?

    Very unusually, Rose suddenly decided to run up my arm and onto my shoulders yesterday and Bob caught sight of her. He went mad. I've never seen these black lines on him before and he ran (for a cham) over to the closest bit of his cage to hers and was literally banging his nose on the glass...
  4. SharpShooter

    Which Vit A Capsules?

    Does anyone have any preferred brand of Vit A capsules? I'm struggling to find pre formed A without additional ingredients such as fish liver oils and all manner of weird and wonderful things. What do I know about health foods? To me steak is a health food (with chips not salad of course).
  5. SharpShooter


    In my opinion, a thermostat is a must have item in any reptile enclosure that uses an artificial heat source. It doesn't matter what that source is, bulb, heat emitter or heat mat, the animal needs to be protected from being injured. Anyone who's kept marine or tropical fish will all have...
  6. SharpShooter

    When to place in lay bin?

    I've thought for a few weeks Rose was gravid but until 2 days ago, there were no other signs other than weight and colours. She's cut back on food the last 2 feeds and today turned her nose up at anything offered. She started getting restless 2 days ago and is now all over the enclosure...
  7. SharpShooter

    Please review and comment on my husbandry

    I'd like some contructive feedback on my husbandry to see if I can improve in any way please. Apologies if this is long and some things will be repeated as the setups for both my chams are almost the same. I'll start with Rose as she's gravid and showing no signs of going to her lay bin. After...
  8. SharpShooter

    Caption This

    Had to take this picture of Bella the other day. So many possible captions so let's see who comes up with the best. I started with the obvious one!
  9. SharpShooter

    My X Box!

    Branches, plants, ropes unused, instead Bob seems to like the X Box controller.
  10. SharpShooter

    New Bioactive Setup Advice Please

    We have a 3 year old beardie and a young crestie, (plus marine tanks, dog, rabbits etc). The crestie is in a Bioactive Setup using a 45x45x60 Exo Terra. I am hoping to do a similar setup, which only when done and ready, would be home home for a panther. As I would really prefer a bioactive...
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