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  1. cass737

    Pixie has worms :(

    I am sure that Pixie will get over it in a heart beat! (y) With respect to appetite changes, often animals will have no change at all, although sometimes mammals with very high worms burdens will actually experience a decrease in appetite. I would imagine the principle extends to reptiles as well.
  2. cass737

    The Yellow-lip Parson's are starting to hatch...

    Congratulations! Quite an achievement. They are adorable :):love:
  3. cass737

    phionx worms everyday feeder?

    Haha yes that could be, spoiled boy! When I went away on my honeymoon Flint took advantage of my poor Dad who was watching him and refused to eat anything but horned worms......then he tried to pull that on me when I got home and he went for about 6 days without eating before he gave up and...
  4. cass737


    Be careful with the medications you are using with your dogs for fleas: 1. K9 Advantix is very toxic to cats - not sure if you have any but if you are going to use it, please keep your cats out of reach of your dogs for several hours after application. This being said, it is a great option for...
  5. cass737

    phionx worms everyday feeder?

    I am also from Canada :) Flint has gone off crickets a couple of times, so for the last year and a half I have been alternating using crickets for 3 weeks then Phoenix worms for 1 week as a staple. He also gets silkworms, horned worms, wax worms and butter worms on the side, alternating days...
  6. cass737

    Update on My Friend Toby!

    He is looking gorgeous!
  7. cass737

    5 1/2 year old female

    I'm not sure where you got your information from but I do not believe that loss of appetite is a side effect of meloxicam. I think it's potential benefits as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic far outweigh any potential side effects at the point your girl is at right now. With decreased...
  8. cass737

    Why is she not bright green?

    Do you measure the humidity in her enclosure?
  9. cass737

    Male Carpet Acting Strange?

    I'm not as much of an expert as the other people who commented and I'm not saying it isn't neurological, but my reaction to the first video was that he was alarmed/afraid and was desperately looking for somewhere to hide as quickly as he could (or he got burned and was freaking out about...
  10. cass737

    Bugs in cage??

    I agree, I think it's a superworm beetle ;)
  11. cass737

    My Beautiful Panther Cham

    What a stunner. :love:
  12. cass737


    I know you say she isn't ready to lay her first clutch yet, but do you have a laying bin in her cage?
  13. cass737

    A little chin rub

    As jajeanpierre said earlier, calcium is a medication that if given at too high of a dose or too quickly can cause the heart to stop, which is why several people are recommending that a vet prescribes it to you and gives you not only the proper dose but also the proper concentration. That would...
  14. cass737

    5 1/2 female veiled not eating much....

    As far as her interest in crickets goes, my panther goes through phases where he isn't interested in crickets, so I'll only offer non-cricket prey for about 2 weeks. Then I'll reintroduce crickets and he will be snatching them out of the tweezers as I'm putting them in his enclosure.
  15. cass737

    Drinking from your hand, is it possible?

    Flint drinks right from the spray bottle too, he "runs" right to the front of his enclosure when I go in there with it. He also drinks up any water that's on me after his morning shower :D:love: Great video, that is adorable!!
  16. cass737

    Getting anxious

    I had a Monsoon for just over a year for my Panther and to be honest, I didn't really like it. I had several problems with it and needed to replace things fairly often......if you haven't opened it yet maybe consider getting something else. I upgraded to a Mist King (which a lot of users on...
  17. cass737

    Open wounds on the feet

    If you could post some photos and perhaps give us some more information about how he got these wounds I think that would be helpful.
  18. cass737

    Nosy Faly or something else?

    I agree - looks like an Ambilobe/Faly cross. I do like his vibrant greens though!
  19. cass737

    New member of the family

    Just so you know I wasn't implying that you would force him into anything! I've just heard of people physically picking up their chameleons and I always thought that was a bad way to try and gain trust. I'm glad he's doing so well.....maybe he just likes the crunch right now :p
  20. cass737

    New Baby Melleri

    Holy smokes, they are adorable. You guys are lucky!! :love:
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