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    Beautiful male Ambilobe, Price negotiable

    Bump... Id honestly be willing to let him go for really cheap, as long as I know that he is going to get the best care possible. And Id be able to deliver right to your doorstep. He would make a really good breeding male. Great lineage. Cant beat that..
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    Beautiful male Ambilobe, Price negotiable

    I have a beautiful male Ambilobe, named Judah, that I do not have the time for any longer. I recently got a new job and cannot provide the proper care to keep this guy happy as I would like. He is about 5 years old, but dont have an exact birth date. He is very docile and nice. He has never...
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    4 year old Ambilobe and fully stocked homemade cage

    Recently got a very demanding job and will be moving at least a couple times in the next year so it's time to let go of my Ambilobe to a more suitable owner. The chameleon is a male Ambilobe who's sire is lancecham's Lucifer Jr. He is approximately 4 years old and has never had a health...
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    lucifer Jr. Male 1.5 years old

    price lowered I'm bringing the price down to $350 plus shipping. This is a good deal on this guy. He has awesome lineage and is ready to breed. If you are seriously interested, my cell phone nuber is 7078341845, just text me and we can work something out.
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    lucifer Jr. Male 1.5 years old

    pictures Here is a picture of the big guy
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    mistking, cages, lights, sticks, everything

    I have a mistking, the regular 100 dollar model, two 2x2x4 cages and plenty of light domes and bulbs. I also have chameleon books and supplements and a few other little things. If your interested in anything just shoot me a price by PM with your phone number and maybe we can work out a deal. Thanks.
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    lucifer Jr. Male 1.5 years old

    I got my Ambilobe from Lance. The dad was "Lucifer." He's now one and a half years old and he is awesome. He's got great colors and he's never tried to bite a human, ever. I'm pricing him at $450. I live in Northern California in Eureka. It would be great if u could pick him up, as I have never...
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    Three year old veiled male complete setup

    Bump This guy needs a home. $150 for the chameleon, 200 for the whole setup. (cage, dripper, plant, vines, sticks
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    Three year old veiled male complete setup

    Male veiled All screen 2x2x4 cage Lights Branches And the plant if u want it. I live in Eureka, CA if u could pick it all up, that'd be great. He is very grumpy and has lost a few spikes up near his head on his spine. But he is an awesome chameleon, steady appetite, strong grip...
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    Sick ambilobe female

    I have been trying to nurse this little ambilobe female back to health for a while now and me and the vet are stumped. College just started back up and I dont have time for this now so I would like for her to go to a good home where her new owner can figure out whats wrong and help her. Its a...
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    Showing off my veiled

    A few days ago I took my veiled chameleon, Rango, in to a 5th grade class and taught them all about chameleons. It was really fun and the kids thought that he was interesting. Rango didn't enjoy it as much.. lol. But he got some treats when we got him home. :D
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    My female is still sick.. HELP!?

    could it be too much vit a? my vet really thought that it was vitamin a because he said if it was an eye infection then it would have done more damage by now.
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    My female is still sick.. HELP!?

    Thank you for the help. Whats that mean? Would it cause her eyes to close?
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    My female is still sick.. HELP!?

    I posted about this a while back.. Its been months that she has been closing her eyes and hasent eaten without forcefeeding. Idk what else to do. My vet and I have tried Reptaid, numerous antibiotics (for respitory infection), eye drop anti biotics (for eye infection), vitamin A, and saline...
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    panther chameleon or flap neck chameleon

    i dont think those are veileds at all..
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    Check this out! Awesome Hibiscus Tree $12.99 SCORE!!

    lucky. i cant find hibiscus anywer round here.. let alone for 13$!!
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    is my chameleon pregnant or just fat?

    she looks gravid in my opinion
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    puffed neck

    if im not mistaken, he does it when he is basking to catch more heat.. you should be more worried about it when he isnt basking
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    Opening mouth

    His mouth is pretty yellow, but not much saliva and it isn't really stringy or anything. When his mouth was open earlier ther was a slight clicking type sound. When I get back to my computer I will fill out the form as I am on my fone. Thankk you for the replies.
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    Opening mouth

    He also makes a little sound like if i blew air out my nose really quik when i pick him up or move him. like he is warning me to stop bothering him, or is this the sneez that is associated with respiratory infection?
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