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    Setting Up the Enclosure: Phase 3

    Phase 3: More plants, vines, and branches - Small Magnaturals ledge planter (earth color) $25 - Exo Terra Large Jungle Vine $11 - Fluker's Large Bend-a-Branch $12 ^got all that on^ - Schefflera Arboricola in 10inch pot $18 ^got that at Home Depot The bendy branch...
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    Setting Up the Enclosure

    This is my first blog post, I want to do a step-by-step of setting up my future cham's enclosure. Hopefully someone will find it helpful, and you guys can help me improve the setup! So, Phase 1: The Basics - Reptibreeze XL (24 x 24 x 48 in.) $100 - Mini Deep Dome 5.5 in. $15 - 60w...
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