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  1. Toothless the cham

    Choose your own adventure

    So... How to start... How about this... So you are in your house (no that is not right). You where wondering around (no not that either). Here how about... Once upon a time (yes that sounds right) once upon a time there was a man. The man owned reptiles for a living. Reptiles where not a very...
  2. Toothless the cham

    Why am i so bad when they lay

    So to start... Leafa has died. When I woke up and looked into her enclosure, to my dismay she had been dead. She was fine the past two days. She was in the lay bin, she dug a hole, she tried to lay. But alas she did not make it to the third. ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS WHAT I AM DOING WRONG! there is...
  3. Toothless the cham

    I had a good chammas how about you

    Yeah I know I'm about 5 days late but just wanted to show you what I got for this Christmas. First I got this really cool I got this backpack And I have a hat and hoodie on the way will post when I get them.
  4. Toothless the cham

    Vet Appointment tomorrow

    Tomorrow my dad has scheduled a vet appointment for both chameleons at about 3:30. I just wondering if there was anything I should ask the vet. I mean I know I should trust the vet but after that appointment I'm probably going to go back on this forum and update you all on what happened. But as...
  5. Toothless the cham

    Minuscule dubious life-form

    Checking up on my dubia roach Colony as I spotted in the cricket water which is what they drink because I don't have anything else a small tiny baby dubia Roach. I only spotted it because I was here to refill the water but I didn't realize that my dubia roach colony was actually taking off. Now...
  6. Toothless the cham

    She wont eat

    I am not sure if this is something that I need to be worried about or not. I'm not sure if this is very serious but my female chameleon the lethal will not eat. She has been like this for the past two days I'm not sure if I should keep offering her food because there's still living food in the...
  7. Toothless the cham

    Remedies for cat pee?

    My cat has been peeing in my room for about a month now. I've been trying to stop it but I have not found any way to. My chameleons are in the room that the cat is peeing in. Is there any possible remedies for cat pee or even just to keep my cat out of the room without hurting or even killing...
  8. Toothless the cham

    Is the smell of vinegar bad for chameleons

    So I just found out that my cat was peeing in my room. I went to get some cleaning supplies and poured vinegar on the pee. I covered it with paper towels to let it soak and dry off. I also tried some all-purpose cleaner before the vinegar. So my question is could it Kill or seriously injure or...
  9. Toothless the cham

    Random questions

    I know I have posted a lot lately. But I still have some questions that I feel like I need answers for. Question 1 is about how long after laying eggs does a female become receptive again. Question 2 is typically how old should have chameleons be before you breed it. Question 3 is what...
  10. Toothless the cham


    My female chameleon Leafa has been having this coloration now for a little while and I'm wondering what it means. Can any of those veiled chameleons experts out there help me with this. As far as I know female chameleons aren't supposed to have stripes and they're supposed to be a solid greenish...
  11. Toothless the cham

    What should i do

    I read somewhere online that are content chameleon will sit on one branch and not move a lot throughout the day while an non content chameleon or a chameleon who does not like the enclosure that he is in we'll walk around restlessly throughout the day until night time comes and then he'll sleep...
  12. Toothless the cham

    My little Secret

    So as some of you may know. A couple months ago I had a chameleon who was named slinky. Sadly she passed away within a month of having her. A few days later my dad and I got into contact with a chameleon breeder. She said she had a few chameleons for sale. They were all three to four months...
  13. Toothless the cham

    1000 supers

    Sounds like a storm
  14. Toothless the cham

    Random Beatle in toothlesses cage need help identifying

    So I went to my room this morning to check on my chameleon toothless and when I looked in I saw a beetle. No idea what kind of beetle is. The only possible idea I have is the darkling beetle because I used to feed them mealworms and I feed him superworms now to. Just so you know his diet mainly...
  15. Toothless the cham

    She died.

    As some of you may know that I got a female chameleon about 2 months ago. I had named her slinky. I woke up this morning my dad and told me that she had passed. I looked into the cage and she was lying there dead on her branch. just the other night she didn't like she was choking so made an...
  16. Toothless the cham

    Won't shoot her tounge

    I don't know if this is a very urgent problem or not. She has been like this since I got her. Here's some background. I got her in a pet store near Crystal lake called birds and beasts. I don't think they knew how to take care of the chameleons 100% but they kind of knew what they were doing...
  17. Toothless the cham

    Superworm breeding

    So for my chameleons I am looking for a constant supply of super/morio worms. To do so I'm thinking about trying to breed them again. When I tried the first time I failed completely. in the pictures below is what I have as their setup so far. Any critiques would help greatly. Anything I could do...
  18. Toothless the cham

    Exotic vet

    Long story short I need an exotic vet. I live in the st. Charles area and I don't know if there are any good exotic vets around. I need an exotic vet now is because I think my chameleon may be sick. From what I saw when she was gaping there were bubbles in back of her throat. Her hiss didn't...
  19. Toothless the cham

    I can't tell if my female is gravid or not.

    Here's the story. I just got her today. When I got her the people told me that she was receptive about a month ago. When she was laying on her Branch where I got her she looked very fat I guess and dark so I can't tell if she was gravid or not there. Now she's heading up in a branch in the new...
  20. Toothless the cham

    Any ideas for a female Cham name

    I have no idea for a Cham name honestly. I was thinking scales but they sounds like a boy name. Anyone have an idea.
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