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  1. jandie

    On the hunt - Gargamel kiddos? =)

    Hello all! Been a long time and betting this may be a long shot, but kinda lost touch with some of the Gargamel offspring owners and wondering if there are still any on here that have kept up with breeding and may have some babies in the works or looking for homes! =)
  2. jandie

    Needing a jailbreak in Italy...

    Sorry for the poor photo quality - my phone camera is not the greatest.... Finally saw my first cham in Italy an aquarium/reptarium in "central" Italy... seriously considered trying to break him out.... =( He was in a glass enclosure, with only a screen on top....they did...
  3. jandie

    pottery painting

    though i can't take credit for the actual "design"...just thought i'd share a pic of my most recent endeavor at the ceramicafe. :) turned out a little darker after firing... i was quite happy with it. :)
  4. jandie

    Everything must go sale!

    Have to have it sold by Tuesday evening or it will go into storage for 3 years - We have 4 cages, all from LLL mostly black but I think 1 silver, in various sizes. 6 dome lights, 3 "hoods" and some fake vines and twigs and such left from our cham collection. Would be interested in selling...
  5. jandie

    For those interested in babies.... =)

    As some of you may know, our roller coaster journey to Italy is finally in progress and we do have LOTS of babies....heheh... We've made an arrangement with Lance (Lancecham) for a "wholesale" purchase, to ensure the babies will be with an experienced trusted person and, not trying to swamp...
  6. jandie

    it's a boy!! =)

    our 3rd clutch babies decided it was time to see the far, there's only one brave little boy out, but we can see tiny little noses on 10 more of the eggs already! (Parents): Ceri Stryder
  7. jandie

    Yay, finally! Next clutch hatching!

    We only have 6 in this clutch - it's an ambilobe x ambanja clutch....weren't sure if they were even going to hatch at all, but right now, we have 3 more open and the other two looking close.... (pics of parents first then the first one out) =) Gargamel Astrid
  8. jandie

    Babies finally!

    After lots of of our eggs are finally starting to hatch out tiny cuties! Right now, we have 2 babies from our Ambanja clutch (parents are Lealia and Gargamel, if you check out pics from my other threads) and fingers crossed that the ankaramy, ambilobeXambanja and veiled...
  9. jandie

    Female Veiled and Male Ambilobe

    These are the last two kiddos looking for good homes before we head off to Italy. We will be moving at the end of September, so looking to re-home quickly. Female Veiled, Ceri, showing some sleepy colors and her gravid colors: (due to previous prolapse, not recommended for any future...
  10. jandie

    So Cal supplies sale

    We have only 2 of our chams left needing new homes....Ceri and Raynor (previous classifieds posted), so we will be starting to break down our setup and sell off supplies. As of right now, we have 5 empty setups.....
  11. jandie

    Veileds and Panthers Galore!

    Previously posted these guys in a regular thread; it's been several weeks and decided to post them back in the classifieds (if you sent a pm previously and did not get a response, i am sorry! my pm box filled up quickly and i may have missed some.....) These are the guys and girls we have...
  12. jandie

    Yay- LLL in San Diego

    That's right, no more driving to Escondido! :D Just pure awesomeness, so I thought I'd share my happy! :D:D For those that aren't aware yet, the Reptile City on Mission Gorge is going to be a LLL starting in July.
  13. jandie

    13 mo. old Blue Ambanja Male

    This is our sweet boy, Gargamel.....we've had him since he was 5 mos. old and his daddy and brother are very strong "purple" barred ambanjas according to the reptile owner. No "professional" lineage that we're aware of, but his temperament is fairly laid back...we have no problems holding him...
  14. jandie

    Upcoming sales and "re-homing"

    As part of the military lifestyle, as much as we had hoped for an international assignment, we did not honestly expect one to occur this early in his career, considering there are limited billets available and many more people that outrank and all of that.....BUUUUUT....... amazingly, we just...
  15. jandie

    ah...finally....custom cham cabinets =)

    so...this project started back in december technically, with a friend who offered to build "stands" for the cham cages at the house.... not sure he really knew what he was getting in to... lol. ;) we didn't want to build new individual cages, but wanted something more like furniture to...
  16. jandie

    is this a prolapse?

    i've seen a few issues with our males, but i wasn't sure if this was a prolapse on a female or something else? found her this way when i got home.... any recommendations for tonight until i can take her in in the morning to the vet?
  17. jandie

    international moving

    it's not a definite or anything at this point...won't know till closer to may officially, but just wondering, from any of you that may have experience - what all is involved in moving your animals (chams and non-chams) internationally? i realize there is typically a quarantine period and it may...
  18. jandie

    bad news from the vet

    took azlynn (our ankaramy that recently laid eggs) back to the vet today....some of you may remember that i posted a thread about some odd places under her arms....(neither did the vet the last time i took her in and he didn't do anything with them at that time because the more pressing issue...
  19. jandie

    switching over - live vs. plastic/silk

    i have been very seriously weighing the pros and cons of live plants vs. plastic/silk plants both with humidity and cleanliness of cages/bugs/etc.... and i think i've decided to go the fake plant route, which i realize might be somewhat costly initially.... anyone around san diego that knows...
  20. jandie

    covered in

    so, we have eggs incubating (for anyone that might she doing some crazy double posting or something odd...) from our ambanja pair and one of our ambilobe females + our ambanja male (long story).... and we also just had a retained clutch, laid tonight, from our ankaramy pair - pink...
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