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  1. stygian73

    Anyone try this

    I'm looking at offering a range of foods to my 4 mo. old cham--he's had butterworms, calci-worms, hornworms, mealworms, and crickets. Has anyone tried this product (silkworms): JurassiDiet - EasiSilkworm Thanks in advance, Karen
  2. stygian73

    Young veiled nipping at wood

    Hi there. I have an approx. 3 1/2 mo old male veiled chameleon and I noticed just this morning he is nipping at a piece of driftwood that I have in his cage. I have since removed the piece, but why would he do this? He gets plenty of food throughout the day and I mist every few hours including...
  3. stygian73

    Handling opinions

    Hi all. I found this forum after I got my first veiled chameleon and a lot of the information was very helpful. I just lost my little guy (only 9 mos) from a systemic infection due to his weakened immune system. :( He developed early MBD which was promptly treated (thanks to this forum and...
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