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    Nosy Faly Males and Females

    I have male and female Nosy Faly for sale. Males are $200 females are $150. Sired by Armageddon. About 3 months old.
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    Adult Quadricornis Male

    One adult Quadricornis male for sale. He is WC, asking $300.
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    Tamatave males

    Tamatave males....... Canada only! I have two male Tamataves up for grabs. Both are about 4 months old give or take a bit. $350 each.
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    Diggin up babies

    I brought in my cages from outside today and found three little ones hangin from the roof of mamas cage. We pulled her plant out and started digging down. We found 30 eggs total with 10 babies out at the bottom of the plant. Instead of diggin up eggs, this time we were digging up live babies...
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    Canadian Reptile Breeders Expo Sep. 15-16

    This weekend is Canada's largest reptile and exotic pets expo. This one will be a good one. New economy pricing with Faly, and Ambilobe down as low as $150 each. Special guest apperances from Rom Tremper (chameleons), and The Python Hunters. Stop by the booth to say hi, check out some...
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    Todays Hopper Haul

    Went to catch some feeders today and could not believe how many were about. Anyone driving by would have had a good laugh seeing a grown man running through a hay field with a giant butterfly net. Gathered up these guys in about 20 minutes. Caught a huge mantis aswell.
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    A Little More Variation

    Here is a little more faly variation within the same group. Some blue, some green, some heavy spotting, some not so much. A big thanks to the couple that sent me the few pics. The yellow cheeks was very dominant in a few and not at all in others.
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    filarial worm removal

    I had some WC chams with some filarial worms that I have been plumping up before I removed them. When they first got here they were very small and you could see them. Today they were pretty big and you could really see them under the skin. This is not as bad as it looks. I used a pair of...
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    WC Faly Males

    It has been a while since I have been able to get some good shots of these guys. Old man Obiwan was ready and willing no matter who was infront of him. A couple males half his age were up to the challenge and young Renegade wanted nothing to do with his wisdom. Renegade is probably the nicest...
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    5 month old CH male Male Nosy Faly for sale

    I was holding these guys back to see if the WC female was indeed faly. These guys are turning out amazing. No doubt they are faly. This guy is $450.
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    5 month old faly male

    This little guy is starting to show some awesome potential. Sired by Aries, mom is Noel, product of Raiden and Nala. He is $400. He comes with a 21 day health guarantee.
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    Egg control

    We have been experimenting with temps and food intake over the last year to see if it were possible to predict the amount of eggs laid. Here are some findings. 3-5 crix daily at 85F ambient temps, basking at 95F produced 15-20 eggs. 3-5 crix daily at 75F ambient temps, basking at 90F produced...
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    lol chams......peer pressure?

    Usually they dont start experimenting until their teens. They just keep getting younger and younger.:rolleyes:. Puff, puff, give mom will be so mad at me!:p
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    What Raiden and Nala left....

    Well Nala passed away yesterday after almost five years in our care. She was the longest living female I have owned. I tried to put together males all grown up that Nala and Raiden produced. So this is to remember the duo and to celebrate what they left behind. RIP little ones...
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    Galaxy tab shot

    Just got a new galaxy tab and was messin with the camera options. Not bad for a Macro shot. You can't zoom in or out so I had to get this really close to him without scaring the crap out of him. Here is a couple other shots. They have to stay really still or it doesn't take clear shots. There is...
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    Check out Gizmo. You turn your back for half a second and the little bugger is knee deep in the honey jar. Flew out of the cage and made a bee-line for the sweet stuff lol. Here's muma with the little ones hanging off. Can't imagine it's too comfortable anymore. She will be kicking them off any...
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    Nosy Mitsio, Nosy Be Males for sale

    The two Mitsio pics are the same guy. He is sired by Kryptonite, about 5 months old. He is $500. The Nosy Be Male is sired by Morphious. He is about 8-9 months old right now and glowing. He is $375. Please contact for more information if interested.
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    Ball Pythons for sale

    I have 9 ball pythons for sale. They are this years hatchlings. Eating small wiened rats. $60 each.
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    Mitsio lines

    I wanted to show the changes in patterns with these guys as the line gets further down the F Generation. First are the Grandsires, the start of it all.
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    His first time

    I pass this guys cage everyday and kept wondering, is he ready? Everytime I put a girl in with him....nothing. Well today was his day. The girl went in, he started bobbin so hard he slipped and fell off the branch:D:p. By the looks of her I think he did his job too. He is about 7 months and the...
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