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  1. jeremylee33

    My new hand made chameleon enclosure

    Ok My chameleon lovers.I have been working on this for quite some has mist king system installed with all the proper lighting,installed floor drain,and real safe plants.
  2. jeremylee33

    Thoughts on a corner cage

    I am beginning to build a custom corner enclosure for a adult Veild chameleon . the dimensions are 45x24x41 with mesh top, sides ,and front door. Any objections, and is it reasonable for him?
  3. jeremylee33


    Ok Chameleon do you guys feel about feeding you Cham. adult crickets after they have developed wings?
  4. jeremylee33

    New pics of "Proteus" 12 months

    I am proud to say i think i am getting the hang of raising my Panther.
  5. jeremylee33

    questions about feeding cups

    What do you guys think about feeding cups
  6. jeremylee33

    Someone help me with this question

    My 10 month old male panther is looking healthy ,drinking, eating,wakes up at 7am sleeps about 7-7:30pm. Here for the past week he is closing his eyes on and off even under the basking area. At times he will just sit there and close a eye or both and hold them shut for about 15sec. So when the...
  7. jeremylee33

    new update pics..10 month true blue

    My 10 month True blue panther in his new large enclosure!!Seems to be adapting well!!
  8. jeremylee33


    Your Chameleon - Nosey be panther,male,9 months this month,i had him since jan.2012 Handling I handle him at least once every other weekend or when i clean his cage Feeding - I feed him crickets that gut load with fresh vegis, carrots,greens,bee pollen.etc,everyday ,about 10-12 Supplements...
  9. jeremylee33

    New cage what do you guys think?

    This cage is 24x24x48 it has all the needed lighting and monsoon mister and a rain tube at the top covered buy the foliage. i just want to make sure that there is not to much at the top. 90% of the plants are safe and real. and water is spring water. All of this is for my soon to be 10 month...
  10. jeremylee33

    Thanks for the info today on eye problems

    Today i had a slight issue with my 8 month old panther's eye being closed. With the help of you guys i used eye wash and a shower and i had to carefully move the what it look like to me a piece of dry skin from his last shed or something...anyways it was quit an experience that i am sure will...
  11. jeremylee33


    I think i need to give my panther a shower due to his eye closing. There appears to be no pus or discharge at this time but i have notice his eye closing and his eating has slightly decrease . I have posted pics, and i would like to know how to shower him properly.
  12. jeremylee33

    ecozone question..please read

    Hey friends!! Does anyone know how good the ecozone vivarium is working for chameleons? I mean I know we have raised chameleons without it but does it work good, or is it worth the money? What do you guys think??
  13. jeremylee33

    plant question!!

    Are air plants"Tillandsia" safe?
  14. jeremylee33

    new cage setup! What do you guys think?

    This is a 24x24x48 all screened cage with real plants and screened bottom for drainage. This will be my panther's new home in a few months.
  15. jeremylee33

    question about the bottom of the cage

    would it be ok to use anti-bacterial absorbent puppy pads at the bottom of the cage to collect the extra water and anything else
  16. jeremylee33

    help...shedding question

    My panther is 7 1/2 months and i noticed today that he is shedding! Is this normal b/c his temps are where they should be and he get mist 4 times a day?? What do you guys say?
  17. jeremylee33

    How does he look friends? Proteus at 7 months
  18. jeremylee33


    why would my chameleon be a little restless at night?
  19. jeremylee33

    week one !!! Proteus !

  20. jeremylee33

    Need some advice!!

    I have a 7 month old panther that i just got last friday and is living in 18x18x36 enclosure. He is starting to get use to the cage as far as eating and moving around etc... The problem is that the crickets sometimes get out, not all but some.. leaving my little buddy with only about 7 to 12...
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