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  1. cass737

    An exciting day!

    Hi all! I haven't been posting for a while unfortunately, but I have been watching and reading with enthusiam. But today I thought was too exciting of a day to not share with all of you who will appreciate the little jump I did when I got home and this was sitting on my porch..... Now I can't...
  2. cass737

    Where's Flint?

    Just a tad camera shy....:p
  3. cass737

    Transition to Larger Enclosure?

    Hello everyone, I currently have a 4.5 month old male Panther Chameleon. He is about 3.5 inches long, not including his tail. He is currently set up in a 15 gallon enclosure, and is doing well. He eats ~12 1/4" gutloaded crickets and ~4 small Reptiworms daily. He is very active and growing...
  4. cass737

    Meet Flint

    Hi again everyone, This is Flint, my new baby Mitsio/Ambilobe cross. After much debate (and heartache) I decided that I would switch little Remie with a male, since that was what I originally wanted and thought would be better as my first chameleon. This little guy is her brother, has been...
  5. cass737

    Remie all fired up!

    So little Remie (who used to be Loki until I found out that she's a she!) got all fired up yesterday when I tried to take a picture of her, before settling back down to resting colours. I was quite impressed! She is just over four months old. I am still undecided about keeping her as I'm a...
  6. cass737

    Little Loki

    Hi all! I posted a quick question a few days ago about worms, but since I've been spending so much time reading all the great information on here and snooping on everyone else's pictures, I figured I should post one of my own and introduce myself! My name is Cassandra and I am a vet student at...
  7. cass737

    Introducing new feeders to baby

    Hello! I have spent the last few weeks reading a lot on the forum and have learned a lot from all of the different discussions here. I am a vet student from Canada and just got my first chameleon on Wednesday. He is a four and a half month old Ambilobe/Mitsio cross. He is doing very well -...
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