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  1. camimom

    What size mist king or aquazamp for newbie

    The pump is stronger I think for the ultimate, but the nozzles are the same.
  2. camimom

    What size mist king or aquazamp for newbie

    Chams are super addicting, that's a given. :) If you plan to get more, then id say go for the ultimate mistking pump. but like I said, the basic runs ten nozzles.
  3. camimom

    Yemen Colored...

    What is her basking temp? For the most part, she looks fine. she is of breeding size and sexual maturity, as from the blue spots on her. so I hope you have a laying bin set up at all times for her to access.
  4. camimom

    What size mist king or aquazamp for newbie

    Both mistking and Aquazamp are the two preferred auto misters on this forum. If you are referring to the basic mistking to the ultimate mistking for example, then that's up to what you own, and want to spend. I have the ultimate mistking, but I run 7 cages off that. the ultimate can handle...
  5. camimom

    Yemen Colored...

    We would have to see photos to know anything
  6. camimom

    Chameleon eggs?

    can you post photos please?
  7. camimom


    You can go with the slightly smaller cage if you need to. A cage that tiny bit smaller will NOT stress your cham out, or shorten his life span. While Bigger is ideally always better, you need to worry more about height than width. I recommend using the bigger cage, as some males are...
  8. camimom

    how to do I get my juvenile panther chameleon to ear horned worms?

    You need to remove that red bulb and just use regular bulbs for basking. Lights on at sunrise, lights off at sunset is the typical schedule please read the care sheet on here for panthers, and if you follow everything it says, you will have a happy and healthy chameleon.
  9. camimom

    How do I know if my chamleon is drinking?

    for the most part, you wont see a cham drink, unless its a montane species, that drinks water all the time. The eye sunken thing, while technically correct, is not the best way to tell, because some chams will pull their turrets in when stressed or angry. the Best and most accurate way is...
  10. camimom

    Plz hlp soon, Chameleon vomited, now has breathing problems

    If the tongue is damaged like that, most likely the vet will need to amputate it. but don't worry, chams can live just fine without their tongues. several members on here have or had chams without tongues, including myself.
  11. camimom

    how to do I get my juvenile panther chameleon to ear horned worms?

    do you keep lights on at night? Is 77 your basking temp? can you fill and post the how to ask for help form please?
  12. camimom

    Something strange growing on Oscar's head

    As they said, it does appear to be an abcess, and requires a vet to fix it. also, are you using a red light?
  13. camimom

    Help Please, my baby veiled chameleon wont eat

    OK a few things. How often do you mist? Food- you need fruit flies and pinhead crickets to feed. offer those, and im sure it will start eating. fecal- you take a poo to a vet to test for parasites. what type of cage? height, dimensions, etc? Pics of everything would be great...
  14. camimom

    Help Please, my baby veiled chameleon wont eat

    Fill this out please Also, try getting fruit flies, which you can get from petco, in jars to feed, as a baby that small is too small for most bugs. pinhead crickets are good too, but you primarily have to buy those online
  15. camimom


    Wrap your cage in warm blankets. If its just a few hours, or even a day, its not a big deal. if its going to be longer, you can either A- pack them in a box to sleep it away. or B- move them to a house with power. I ran a hot shower and placed cages 1 at a time int he bathroom for...
  16. camimom

    Panther seems lazy

    If its winter time where you are, then that is probably why you see not as much movement. My guys slow down during the winter too, even though their basking temps stay the same.
  17. camimom

    New 4 month old veiled mouth gaping

    How are you measuring that basking temp>
  18. camimom

    Will a veiled chameleon eat catnip?

    this post is 5 years old guys. going to bet the user isn't on here anymore. :D
  19. camimom

    Freddie isn't settling in

    If hes pooping, hes eating, it may just not be as much as he should. As for his casque, it is crooked, but that could be a genetic thing, or maybe as a baby he didn't get enough calcium, or its an injury, but its nothing that can be fixed now, He can go a few weeks without food so long as...
  20. camimom

    New To Chams needing some wisdom

    When Trace speaks, you listen. Trace is one of the best at identifying anything chameleon lol. I too agree that it is a female panther chameleon. Nothing about the shape of the head or coloring, or anything says jackson
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