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  1. gegeland

    Parson's at the Museum

    Went to my local museum (Milwaukee Public Museum) the other day. While looking through their collection of preserved reptile and amphibian specimens I found this guy on the bottom shelf. I assume it is formaldehyde that they have in the jar for preservation. All the color was completely gone...
  2. gegeland

    Carpet Chameleon Pictures

    My little Green Bean is growing up and showing some real nice colors these days. Here are a few pictures to show. Hopefully will be getting a male soon... Just have to convince the parents. Haha. Let me know what ya think of her! And sorry for not being the best camera man, i am learning...
  3. gegeland

    Carpet Chameleons Pictures

    Hey everyone, Here are some pictures I took today of my Carpet chameleon. The 1st picture is his resting colors. In the rest of the pictures he is sporting his "leave me alone" colors. He is still quite small yet, but he is growing quickly. In the 4th picture you can sort of see his extra...
  4. gegeland

    Carpet Weights

    Hey, This question is for anyone that keeps/has kept carpet chameleons (Furcifer Lateralis) or for anyone that knows of an article that has some good info. What is a good/average adult weight for a male? Also for a Female? The search tool gave me no results. Thanks.
  5. gegeland

    Screen Cage Water Tray - LLLReptile?

    I was wondering if anyone out there had any opinions or experience with the new drain trays that LLLReptile sells for their screen cages. I would be looking at buying the tray for the 24x24x48 cage. I am also unclear on how exactly the tray would be used. I understand that you need to drill...
  6. gegeland


    One of my feeder superworms has turned into a black beetle. So I have 3 questions -is it okay to feed to a chameleon? -will a chameleon even eat it, will it digest it? -will the beetle lay eggs or something to hatch more worms?
  7. gegeland

    Two Questions.

    Would dubia roaches be a suitable feeder for a Jacksons Chameleon? And also, what would be a good healthy weight for a 6 month old Jacksons Chameleon.
  8. gegeland

    Good Scales?

    Can anyone reccommend a good gram scale to me for weighing my chameleon. I am looking for one, but i have no idea what the numbers, such as 500 x 0.1, mean.
  9. gegeland

    Cage Set-up.

    I set up this cage for my 6 month old Jackson's Chameleon. I was just wondering how it looked to other people. if anybody finds anything wrong with it please tell me, i want a happy chameleon. The plants is a Pothos, and there are fake vines in there too. The mist coming in from the top is...
  10. gegeland

    Cricket Feeders

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone could direct me to some good online stores where you purchase crickets for your chameleons, because the crickets at the nearest pet store are expensive. I just wanted to know which sites have worked for others, which ones have good prices and everything else.
  11. gegeland

    New Jackson's Chameleon

    Hey, just got my first chameleon which is a Jackson's chameleon, 4-5 months old. Its been about a week now and he eats regularly. I just haven't seen him actually drinking any water off of the leaves in his cage that are misted 3 times daily. He also doesnt seem to enjoy the misting, like other...
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