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  1. nicolie85

    Question About Parasite Treatments

    On September 24, 2008 I took my male veiled to the vet and he was treated with Panacur for Coccidia found in his fecal float. I took him back to the vet on October 8, 2008 for his second dose. The vet said that with the two treatments that the parasites would all be killed. I'm sure it did...
  2. nicolie85

    My Christmas Gift Has Come Early

    On Saturday, my boyfriend bought me a sweet little veiled female. I beleive I have her in the proper setup, but just to make sure: Cage Info: * Cage Type - 38 gallon Reptarium on top of a table, which lifts the cage about 3 feet off the ground. This used to be my male veiled cage...
  3. nicolie85

    Nosy Be Who Needs Some Major TLC

    I have a local pet shop that I buy all of my supplies and feeders from here in Canoga Park. These people take pretty good care of their animals, but they have a female Nosy Be who I would love to see rescued by a knowledgeable chameleon keeper. I didn't want to take photos of her, since I am...
  4. nicolie85

    Buddy's Setup...What Cha Think?

    These pictures were taken with my camera phone, so they are a bit crappy but get the point across.
  5. nicolie85

    Chameleon Size

    So I took my little booger to the vet for his second dose of dewormer yesterday. He got his first dose two weeks ago and weighed in at 28 grams. Yesterday he weighed in at 29 grams and that means he gained a gram in two weeks. I know that he is behind in his growth due to having MBD, but at 7...
  6. nicolie85

    The Problems Just Keep Comin'

    So here I am, totally excited that my 6 month old veiled is recovering beautifully from his MBD. Today he will be getting his big by cage (24x24x48), a brand new ficus and a brand new bromeliad. I made an appointment to see my vet yesterday to get a fecal done and to check on Buddy's progress...
  7. nicolie85

    Question About Shedding with MBD

    My little trooper, Buddy, is on the slow road to recovery from MBD. He has been battling MBD for about three months now and is working on regaining his strength. During the first month and a half I had him before MBD, he had shed twice completely. Ever since becoming sick he hasn't shed at...
  8. nicolie85

    A Little Help with a Leopard Gecko

    About six months ago, my mom bought my twelve-year-old sister a leopard gecko. The only time the gecko's cage was cleaned in that time was on the two occasions I cleaned it out myself. Every time I go to my mom's house I cringe at the sight of the cage. The poor little guy is always covered...
  9. nicolie85

    Anyone looking for a rescue?

    I have come to the conclusion that I cannot afford to take care of my sick chameleon. He is about 4-5 months old and has MBD. His back leg may either be broken or pulled out of the socket. I already took him to the vet for the MBD, but the leg thing happened that same day when I brought him...
  10. nicolie85

    Chameleon Biology Question

    Okay, so my chameleon who has MBD has a back leg that is not looking so good. After taking him to the vet for his MBD, I put him back in his cage. He climbed up the screen a few inches and fell to the bottom. Immediately afterwards, his back right leg was spinning around in the socket like...
  11. nicolie85

    Anyone else with iguana kids

    This is my kid Smiley. I got him as a baby about a year and a half ago. Love my little devil as much as he loves to whip and bite.
  12. nicolie85

    My veiled chameleon needs help

    My 4 month old chameleon is not looking so good. We got him about a month ago and he was doing very well. Alert, eating and overall healthy in appearance. I just found out that he has developed Rickets and his eye is jutting out. I have made some improvements to his previous environment to...
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