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  1. krikinit

    What kind of beetle is this?

    Friends cat was playing with this! Ive never seen one like this here in California. Thought i would share. Spined Wood-borer i think.
  2. krikinit

    Its been a bit...

    Sorry I havent been very active. Its hunting and hawking time but I did pick up some Nosy Faly from @Matt Vanilla Gorilla. Thanks again Matt. They are growing fast and Im excited to see the colors come in. All are eating like champs and some more than others.
  3. krikinit

    California Fire Season

    It's here fellow Californians, fire season. Get your plan together and dont get caught off guard. If you need help in advance dont hesitate to ask before its too late. Im 4hrs from the northern part of the state and 4 hrs to Bakersfield. 2 trucks and tow hitch. Foothills are even closer. Get ready.
  4. krikinit

    As a new keeper

    So Ive been thinking about this for a while. As a new keeper, what can I (we, if you want to be included) do to help our Chameleon community. I often get caught up in my daily humdrum that I dont look past my own cham. With some boarders not allowing exports would it be more beneficial to take...
  5. krikinit

    Some critters ive had

    Thought Id share some of the other animals ive kept over the years. Just raptors for now. Top to bottom Female North American Harris Hawk, Male Peruvian Harris Hawk and Barbary x Taiat falcon cross.
  6. krikinit

    Bonsai project

    So I started a braid on a small umbrella plant and picked up 2 small Japanese maple trees to grow for the Thomas. Anyone doing bonsai in their enclosure or outdoor areas? Post your pics and share!
  7. krikinit

    New skin outside

    Thomas finished with his shed and that blue makes me want to go to the beach!
  8. krikinit

    Sweet California Sun

    It is a great day outside. I hope you get to soak it up! Thanks again @Matt Vanilla Gorilla
  9. krikinit

    Im the worst naming critters

    I have a Nosy Be from @Matt Vanilla Gorilla and need some help with a name. He is a family pet, so Killer wont work for a 2yr old. Although all names will be considered, there can be only Thanks for you help!
  10. krikinit

    female panthers die without a male?

    Hi in Kris. New the the forum and Chameleons. Looking to purchase in 6 months or so, just getting things together. I recently reached out to a dealer with some basic questions and said i had no preference to male or female, understanding they have certain requirements. He said "you want a male...
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