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  1. jpowell86

    How to Handle Drainage??

    I know everyone is going to open up this thread and suggest drainage pans...HAHA! I don't have a screen cage drainage issue....I have a large drainage issue!! Any thoughts?? Just kidding. We had a flashflood today and my cloud forest became a rainforest real quick today. But the chameleons...
  2. jpowell86

    Homemade Cloud Forest

    My favorite thing about my greenhouses are the fogging systems. I love walking into the greenhouses late in the evening and at night when the fog is really building. It's like walking through a cloud. Here are a few shots taken tonight of some of my chameleons. Some are asleep, some were awake...
  3. jpowell86

    Cristatus babies growing up!

    I had fun raising this group of babies and it has eased my mind about all the clutches I have to come. They had a reputation to be finicky but I have found that to be untrue. I just adore these little ones. @bobcochran......not yet!
  4. jpowell86

    Lamprolepis smaragdina laig eggs today!!!

    This is one of my favorite species! They are so fun to watch and have so much personality. I am ecstatic to have a proven pair now. Babies, babies and more babies!!!!! :LOL:
  5. jpowell86

    Thanks Andee - Perfect Phasmids

    A big thanks to @Andee for the amazing insects! I appreciate it so much. My chameleons did too!
  6. jpowell86

    The King!

    He was showing off for the ladies today! He only stopped showing off for about ten minutes while he ate 14 adult dubia. BEAST!
  7. jpowell86

    Babies v. Stick Insects

  8. jpowell86

    I'm addicted!

    I know I have posted pics, but I can't get enough of this female crypticum. She glows!! I wish I could truly capture her colors with my phone and pathetic camera skills. Her turrets are so bright with dark outlines you can't even make out the eyes. It is incredible. @Nursemaia - I call them...
  9. jpowell86

    C. crypticum getting a snack

    This girl is very gravid. The eggs are easily palpated. But, I have no idea how far along she is. Anyways, I am feeding her non stop. She is a machine. Before this hornworm, she ate roughly 15 crickets and after the hornworm, she ate another 4 hornworms of appropriate size. Here is a little...
  10. jpowell86


    I am seriously just enamored with this guy. His colors are striking and he is so photogenic. He does not mind the camera in his face at all. Well, he minds, he just doesn't flee and flare up like most chameleons. He has been enjoying a cool sunny day here. @Dragon1516, @jajeanpierre...
  11. jpowell86

    My babies moving to the freerange

    I can't believe that some of my baby melleri are big enough to go to the freerange. I have had them all in separate 24x24x48 reptibreeze since November of last year. I was weighing them all today and realized it was time for some of them. I have a small number that are much large than the...
  12. jpowell86

    Baby Eye Candy!! BOB COCHRAN

    Just wanted to share some photos of my little cristatus babies. I just love them. @bobcochran
  13. jpowell86

    Colors are looking better!

    These are the two petteri females that I got in about a month or so ago. They weren't in the best of shape. But now they are both eating like little hogs and one is most certainly gravid. I just love these colors!
  14. jpowell86

    Take a guess

    I want to have a little fun with the keepers here and test their identification chops as I had mine tested with this animal. What are your thoughts?
  15. jpowell86

    Life in my greenhouse...may be graphic to some. WARNING

    There are always green anoles hitching rides in my greenhouse or squeezing in somehow. I HONESTLY try my best to get them out. I even set up containers with insects that they can jump down in but can't climb out so I can release them back outside. But, some won't let me catch them and this is...
  16. jpowell86

    Cristatus babies first shed.

    I always feel so bad for babies during their first sheds. You can tell they just hate it.
  17. jpowell86

    Furcifer petteri

    Just thought I would share some pics of these female petteri. Very cool species.
  18. jpowell86

    Osh Wednesday!

    I didn't have plans on working with O'Shaughnessy, but some circumstances led me to some. After having them, it is safe to say that I will be putting efforts into breeding them. They are nice looking animals. I guess I will break my rule and try and breed something outside of Trioceros. LOL. I...
  19. jpowell86

    Little Dinosaurs!

    Out of all the baby chameleons that I have had the pleasure to work with, these little ones are the most ferocious. They look prehistoric to me......LOVE them!
  20. jpowell86

    New Free Range.

    I just built another greenhouse and have been setting up another free range area for some of my melleri. They seem to enjoy it so far. Need some more plants, but it is a work in progress!
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