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  1. Kristen Wilkins


    Happy new year , here’s to 2020 ❤️.
  2. Kristen Wilkins

    Merry Christmas ❤️

  3. Kristen Wilkins

    Happy thanksgiving

    Happy thanksgiving to y’all that celebrate . Be safe and have a great day !.
  4. Kristen Wilkins


    So handsome
  5. Kristen Wilkins


  6. Kristen Wilkins

    Don’t blink !.

    How fast one can lose their baby’s as fast as One could click second’s :confused: . Out side condos are best and safest :love: .
  7. Kristen Wilkins

    Grumpy beauty queen

  8. Kristen Wilkins

    Meet Phoebe

    Meet phoebe :love: . Phoebe is such a sweet little girl . Phoebe is one of Amo’s and Fiona babies . Phoebe already has me wrapped around her beautiful grubby fingers !. Thank you @jannb .
  9. Kristen Wilkins

    My Handsome boy .

  10. Kristen Wilkins


  11. Kristen Wilkins

    Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day , to all Momma's Human and scaly . Hope all of you have an amazing day :love:.
  12. Kristen Wilkins

    He's Here

    The baby arrived today . Meet Septiceye thank you @Matt Vanilla Gorilla septiceye is absolutely stunning and sweet as can be . :love:
  13. Kristen Wilkins

    Happy New year

    Happy New Year from Frances and the Wilkins
  14. Kristen Wilkins

    SMART !!.

    So Frances decided that she was Hungry lol .
  15. Kristen Wilkins

    Panic !!.

    Yup that moment that you realize one of the baby's is missing . Not in her tree not in her enclosure!!. THE HUNT BEGINS and I found you !!. MOM don't be so dramatic I'm with the fish .
  16. Kristen Wilkins

    Frances has new colors

  17. Kristen Wilkins

    Sun bathing

  18. Kristen Wilkins

    Frances at her finest

    Ok so Frances creckets keep escaping out of her enclosure . We had to start putting them in a feeder cup so this is first day pissed try's to knock whole cup off then proceeds to use it as a toilet !!. Today day 2 and uses as a toilet agin :rolleyes: Both yesterday and today :mad: . She hates...
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