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  1. junglefries

    D-Link 2132L & 2332L Security Cameras

    OKAY, OKAY people, you twisted my arm. PRICE REDUCTION !!!!!!!! I am telling you'll, these cameras rock: either for home or office surveillance or watching your critters. You can watch a live feed from your phone, tablet, or a remote PC, etc... Spy on your kids or dogs & cats. PLEASE people...
  2. junglefries

    BB Ambilobe Male [$150.00 shipped] (Hatched 7/21/15)

    Pure Blue Bar Ambilobe male for $ALE! $150.00 shipped. Hatched 7/21/15 Sired By Donnie [His sire was Sherlock descended from Ny-Nofy of Kammerflage Kreations] Has a great disposition; Never hissed or gaped at me; Eats crickets, mantids, hornworms, hornworms moths, silkworms, grasshoppers...
  3. junglefries

    Blue Bar x Nosy Faly Male [$135 shipped]

    Mr. Esteban has switched classifications, since moving to the state of MD. He is no longer a chameleon, but a terrapin. Enjoy. His step brother, a pure BB Ambilobe male [Hatched 7/21/15], sired by Donnie [also], will be joining the for the sale section soon. He will be $150.00 shipped. Look for...
  4. junglefries

    Blue Bar x Nosy Faly Male [$135 shipped]

    He has sold to my dismay. I will miss you my friend. Esteban [AK.A. The Latin Lover] (Mr. Lover Lover)
  5. junglefries

    D-Link 2132L & 2332L Security Cameras

    Perfect wireless security cameras for your pets and/or house. Shoot 1080p and lower resolutions, take pictures, color or B/W, Audio, have 32GB Speed 10 Micro SD cards, upgraded firmware, viewable from pc or tablet or phone, have all cables and attachment accessories. Actually, have insanely...
  6. junglefries

    Blue Bar x Nosy Faly Male [$135 shipped]

    Extremely friendly Blue Bar x Nosy Faly male for sale. Hatched 3/31/15. $135 shipped. He is very active and begs to come out and explore. He actually sat on my shoulder, the entire time, while cooking bacon, eggs and pancakes for the family. He has never hissed or gaped at me. Just walks out...
  7. Male BB Ambilobe [February 10, 2016]

    Male BB Ambilobe [February 10, 2016]

    Sired by Donnie
  8. Female BB Ambilobe [February 10, 2016]

    Female BB Ambilobe [February 10, 2016]

    Sired by Donnie
  9. Mads [February 10, 2016]

    Mads [February 10, 2016]

    Male BB Ambilobe Holdback [Sired by Donnie]
  10. Mads


    Male BB Ambilobe Holdback [Sired by Donnie]
  11. Emma [February 10, 2016]

    Emma [February 10, 2016]

  12. junglefries

    Did you steal a piece of bacon from my plate?

    Did you steal a piece of bacon from my plate?
  13. junglefries

    Tic tac eggs

    Thats funny. My dad was a pharmacuetical rep, who always had the orange ones with product advertisements on them to pass out to doctors. Spot on look alike. Man, I ate sooo many boxes of those things growing up. Kept my breath fresh though. Congrats on the wee ones.
  14. junglefries

    Finally a new cham. Say hello!

    The name should fit his first characteristic. 'Patch' for that little shed piece at his front back top. Glad you got a healthy one for a change. Adoption is hard physically and mentally on the cham and owner. Enjoy.
  15. junglefries

    Software & Design Changes

    Who broke it? Ban, ban, ban.... Omar?????? :confused: :D
  16. junglefries

    Two interesting reads

    I checked my shoes, looked on the floor from bed, freaked out in tub, freakin out when girlfriend moved in bed at night.... you name it. I believe it is the point which I got HBP. The snakes were just so cheap in the 80's, minus the Gaboons ($1600). Black and White Cobra babies were $15 each...
  17. junglefries

    Should I Report This Company?

    Use the Fauna BOI site. Good luck with it, might as well of been in Mandarin for me. Understanding quantum physics was much easier. I gave up.
  18. junglefries

    Two interesting reads

    Well, technically the weak link.... which stupid is included in. Kinda like 'what's the last thing the redneck said? Hey, watch this.' :eek:
  19. junglefries

    Two interesting reads

    The very reason I gave up breeding and keeping: Burmese Pythons, Gaboon Vipers, Black & White Cobras, Water Moccasins, Copperheads, and various Rattlesnakes. It is very hard to die from a chameleon bite. Towards the end, I became extremely paranoid in keeping them. Awaking all hours of night to...
  20. junglefries

    Help completely New to this

    Following a routine helps them trust you. I wear the same colored shirt, same cleaning utensils, paper towels, misting bottle, etc.... the same time(s) of the day. Nothing varies. They somewhat learn to gauge you as a minimal threat after time. I go so far as to slide a clean cage bottom under...
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