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  1. Dave Bolamperti

    Shout out to Mulberry Farms

    I received supplies from them Wednesday, great quality as always!! Found out they were battling flash flooding for a few days in California.Good luck with the cleanup guys!!! Thanks for everything you do for our community. Dave
  2. Dave Bolamperti

    Introducing Big Red

    He is my new Ambilobe, I've had him about 3-4 weeks now approximately 4-5 months. I got him from my new friend Bob Cochran , couldn't be happier with the new little guy. He is eating and drinking great. I think Bob is cross breeding his Panthers with Hogs lol . Big Red is a voracious eater ...
  3. Dave Bolamperti

    Ants in cages?

    i was cleaning my 2 cages this weekend and noticed ants in both. I have a pathos in 1 and a ficus in the other I believe their in the soil they are small black ones. I'm looking for advice on how to get rid of them. I thought maybe put a piece of flypaper in the enclosure but I don't want my...
  4. Dave Bolamperti

    Same dusting cup?

    I was wondering if it's ok to use the same cup for calcium, with D and vitamins. I have been using the same always tapping out the cup after either D or vitamin dusting every other week.I just replaced all my expired Replashy products with new I'm using Superpig , calcium no D , medium D &...
  5. Dave Bolamperti

    Jeppito What's up

  6. Dave Bolamperti

    Happy new year 2016!

    Vesuvios hands up its going to be a great year
  7. Dave Bolamperti

    Jeppito is a BAD boy

    Always on the Naughty list, wouldn't have it any other way
  8. Dave Bolamperti

    2016 Cham Calendars

    Is the Society producing a Calendar for sale this year? On the old site there was a product store that sold videos, cards, books, calendars, ect. If these products are still available, would someone tell me where it is located. Am I missing something,I would like a few for X-Mas presents Wife...
  9. Dave Bolamperti

    Thanksgivings tips

    Happy Thanksgivings Dave
  10. Dave Bolamperti

    Mary have you seen Jepitto?

    Jeppito away from his normal free range spot Had to laugh. Pic in back God created mothers so that someone in the house would know where everything is. She screamed I laughed. Got to love her.❤️
  11. Dave Bolamperti

    Want to meet Vesuvio?

    He is a good boy. Sorry pic is sideways.
  12. Dave Bolamperti

    3 Chams closing 1 eye at times?

    My 2 year old m&f jacksons and my year old male panther are closing their 1 eye at times. I have several 48x24 reptibreeze cages , all have good UVB,basking, and plant bulbs. Temps range from 95 basking area to 60-65 night time .I mist & drip twice a day.i feed them ,crickets,silkworms,super...
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