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  1. Chase


    Hey all- Well I've been Cham sitting for @Fiona's Mom. It's been a while since I've had a female veiled, and I must say I had forgotten how much spunk they can have. I've really enjoyed having her here with me, I'm going to miss her when she returns home. Just a note, she is not dehydrated...
  2. Chase

    1.1 Het lavender albino ball pythons

    Hello all! I am selling this young pair of ball pythons. They are both weighing in at 545 grams. I'm asking $175 plus shipping for the pair. Please feel free to message me with questions. Chase Female is the first picture
  3. Chase

    Juvenile bearded dragon

    hello all- I am selling a young female bearded dragon. I am focusing on some other projects so I need the space. Message me for more details. Asking $50 obo plus shipping
  4. Chase

    Furcifer antimena

    I have 1.0 Furcifer antimena for sale. He is awesome, but I need to sell him to make room for other projects. He's been treated for parasites, and has been here for over 6 months. Doing great! $275 plus shipping Chase
  5. Chase

    Quad eggs

    Hello all- Well my female quad has been acting unlike herself, not completely gorging herself. I went to spray them tonight and she was on the bottom of her enclosure. I grabbed her and boy oh boy she felt like a bag of marbles! I didn't even consider her to be gravid. I haven't seen her and...
  6. Chase

    Trioceros quadricornis quadricornis

    Well I've had these for about a week, so I guess it's time to introduce them! I now have a pair of of quad quads, both CB. They are currently together, so hopefully I see some breeding soon. Here is a picture of the male, sorry he's mean looking, I need to bring out my real camera soon to...
  7. Chase

    Furcifer petteri female

    I've decided to work on some other projects. She laid a clutch in April but hasn't since then. She's doing very well and I would love to keep her but I need the cage space. $300 shipped Chase
  8. Chase

    2013 carpondros

    Hello all- I have 1.1 carpondros for sale. They were both hatched in 2013, and are eating medium rats. Both are about four feet in length Male- $1000 Obo plus shipping Female- $1500 Obo plus shipping Male is pictured Chase
  9. Chase

    Rehabbing a panther

    Hello all- I took in a panther chameleon today to help rehab for a friend. I think his eye issues are caused by the use of CFLS (compact florescent lights), and he can barely see as a result. He usually has both eyes closed during the day, and doesn't really move too much. As part of his...
  10. Chase

    The effects of CFL's

    Hello all- Sometimes in this hobby, the slightest mistake can be SO detrimental to your animal. Recently, I took in a panther chameleon, who had been housed under a cfl (compact florescent light). This case is clearly exemplifies what happens when you begin to use these. For those of you who do...
  11. Chase

    Back in the game!

    Well it has been some time since I've actually owned some chameleons. I decided to pick up an F. antimena and F. petteri. Both have been in the country for months and have been treated so I am hopeful they will continue to acclimate well. I'm hoping to get mates for them in the fall when...
  12. Chase

    Anyone working with R. viridis?

    Hello all- I know these come in from time to time, just curious if anyone still works with them? They're cool little chameleons. I've noticed they've never really gotten too much attention. Hopefully I'm wrong and someone here is working with them? :) Chase
  13. Chase

    Live Chat.. Join me!

    Hello all! I am in the chat room, for those who didn't know we had one, we do! Here is the link. I'll be hanging out in here for a while. Chase
  14. Chase

    My dogs

    Hey all! Well I recently got a lab a little over a month ago, and I saw this pretty girl on facebook and I just had to get her. My male is a lab, and he is just the coolest dog. The new girl is a papered great dane. She is so big! She weighs 110 lbs, and is just ginormous. They are both so...
  15. Chase

    I can't stop!

    Hello all- I have added yet another animal to the farm. We got another donkey. She was abandoned in another county and was rescued. she is sweet as can be and just fits right in here. Chase Oh- and there is another picture with Alfred for Laurie, I'm 6'1", so that gives you a little...
  16. Chase

    Introducing... Alfred!

    Hello all- As some of you know, I had a llama that died a little after 24 hours since being brought to my farm. I worked it out with the farm I got him from, and now here is Alfred the alpaca! He was bullied in the fields but he is sweet to us. He just does not like the donkey! Without...
  17. Chase

    RIP Carl

    As some of you know, I recently got a llama to add to my farm. He just came down from Tennessee and still had his thick coat. I had a pair of clippers coming in the morning so I could shear him but it was too late. He had gotten very dehydrated, despite having multiple water sources, and the...
  18. Chase

    A lot to introduce!

    As some of you have seen, I've started a little farm. Since my last update (when I got 14 chicks), I've gotten two ducklings, a hog, and the most recent (today), a LLAMA! This will complete my little farm, but I will update everyone :) Oh of course, here are some pictures :) Chase
  19. Chase

    The farm is growing again!

    Hello all! Well it was time for more animals, so I picked up 15 (well 14, the store shorted me one) Plymouth Rock pullets (baby hens). I'm hoping by summer, I'll be getting at least a dozen eggs every day. They chirp a lot, and tbeythe scare the mess out of our bloodhound. Now to repair...
  20. Chase

    Female T. perreti

    Hey all- Unfortunately, I'm needing to sell my female T. perreti. I'm asking 90 + shipping for her. She is acclimating well, and is eating and drinking well. I've had her for a month, but I have some vet bills coming up for my donkey and goats, and I don't have plans on getting more...
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