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  1. junglefries

    BB Ambilobe Male [$150.00 shipped] (Hatched 7/21/15)

    Pure Blue Bar Ambilobe male for $ALE! $150.00 shipped. Hatched 7/21/15 Sired By Donnie [His sire was Sherlock descended from Ny-Nofy of Kammerflage Kreations] Has a great disposition; Never hissed or gaped at me; Eats crickets, mantids, hornworms, hornworms moths, silkworms, grasshoppers...
  2. junglefries

    D-Link 2132L & 2332L Security Cameras

    Perfect wireless security cameras for your pets and/or house. Shoot 1080p and lower resolutions, take pictures, color or B/W, Audio, have 32GB Speed 10 Micro SD cards, upgraded firmware, viewable from pc or tablet or phone, have all cables and attachment accessories. Actually, have insanely...
  3. junglefries

    Blue Bar x Nosy Faly Male [$135 shipped]

    Extremely friendly Blue Bar x Nosy Faly male for sale. Hatched 3/31/15. $135 shipped. He is very active and begs to come out and explore. He actually sat on my shoulder, the entire time, while cooking bacon, eggs and pancakes for the family. He has never hissed or gaped at me. Just walks out...
  4. junglefries

    2 Nosy Faly X BB Ambilobe Holdbacks

    I have one male and female Nosy Faly X BB Ambilobe holdbacks for sale. The male hatched 5/1/15 and the female 5/12/15. Sire is BB Ambilobe 'Donnie' and dam is Nosy Faly 'Sarah'. Both are in my albums. Feel free to email or PM me. Male is $125 shipped. Female is $110 shipped. Paypal is...
  5. junglefries

    Cheap T5 HO 39w Reptisun bulbs

    Right now on amazon, you can get new Zoomed Reptisun T5 HO 39W 34" (for the 36" fixtures) from Petco for pretty cheap. If you buy @ least 3, a discount kicks in and no shipping fees. 3 bulbs will cost you $68.16 (64.29 + $3.87 tax). Basically, $22.72 a bulb, after tax. That isn't the $13.45 a...
  6. junglefries

    favorite heat lamps

    I am thinking of switching my basking light fixtures [25w small oven/fridge incandescent bulbs with mini clamp lamps] to the 25w mini halogen fixtures. So far, I have only seen the Zilla fixtures for sale. Was wondering, if there were some other brands, pet supply or other, that anyone was aware...
  7. junglefries

    Frre Repashy Fruit Fly Culture Media

    Some pet stores were lucky enough to receive some free Not For Retail Sale sample bottles of Repashy Fruit Fly Culture Media. They are obligated to give these samples away. Ask your local store the next time you visit. I got close to 1lb free ($20 value). Good luck and happy hunting!!!! :D
  8. junglefries

    chameleon popping bubbles

    Been away this summer and couldn't find this already here. For those unaware, it is a cham popping bubbles. There is also an =3 take on it (youtube) that is funny. If it was posted here, I apologize.
  9. junglefries

    Fantasy Football

    Sadly, there is no official Chameleon Forums Fantasy Football this year. Upon Brad's recommendation I did set up a league at Yahoo, the same place as last year. I used the same parameters also, I believe. So, any one interested please pm me. I will send you the invitation link. There are 13 days...
  10. junglefries

    Next James Bond?

    Does it anyone else see this playing out? It seems with the Man from U.N.C.L.E., Henry Cavill is being groomed to replace Daniel Craig as 007. Just my future prediction. Wait and see!!!!
  11. junglefries

    Rango sequel update

    I looked and looked, and then looked some more. Apparently, the reason there is no Rango 2 is Gore Verbinsky himself. Paramount and United (I believe) were both very interested in making the sequel. Considering it only took about 20 days for the actors to voice the movie, one would think... I am...
  12. junglefries

    They're back!

    Some of you'll might remember from two years ago, my own personal spider infestation horror movie. My mom was in the hospital for three months and I barely got to spend any time there. I would run home, feed and water the dogs and chams, run back to hospital, repeat, several times all day long...
  13. junglefries

    heard this today

    "a push from the left, and a shove from the right" anyone got a guess, as to band or song? Took me back hearing that, neighbors probably not so much..... man I was lucky to live in area with some of the BEST concerts. :D
  14. junglefries

    best feeder fly setups?

    I have recently gotten caught up in the household and blue bottle fly craze. I had seriously underestimated their value in the past, using them sparingly, preferring moths and bees. I would like to start using them for the 2-4 month old chams I hatch, also. I usually concentrate on the...
  15. junglefries

    Hulk for $ale

    Hulk hatched 4/17/14. He is a male BB Ambilobe sired by Sherlock, who I purchased from Kammerflage Kreations. His sire was Ny-Nofy. He was second in the clutch to hatch and has always had a great attitude. Has never tried to bite and is interested in breeding. He is always in full color, doesn't...
  16. junglefries

    Hulk [Before & After]

    Baby picture and as an adult. Metamorphosis.....:eek: [I used a BIG word :D]
  17. junglefries

    Veil NOT Veiled

    A couple months ago, during a humorous thread we all posted about what drives us crazy. For the love of god people, PLEASE remember they are Veils NOT Veiled. If you can't even remember the correct name, how can remember it's needs. If I see Veiled written here one more time, I am going to...
  18. junglefries

    Baby Jacksons easy feeders

    I noticed today feeding three week old jacksons, that they will feed ferociously on 10-12 hour old mantids. Usually, they will eat a couple crix and hydeii and be done. But today, they went crazy buffet style on the mantids. I have never witnessed my babies eating that much or that much...
  19. junglefries

    Christmas gifts

    Started @ 8pm, with 29 more to go. :) Merry Christmas!
  20. junglefries

    my cham got me....

    So, I got 30 Veil eggs a pippin' and 35 Ambilobe eggs laid, as of last night. A second Ambilobe is diggin' and at 31 days gestation. If I could get my female jackson to drop, also. :eek: (I bought all new bulbs, Bug Burger, Flukers Crix Diet, Repashy Fruit Fly Culture and Mantid eggs for the new...
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