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  1. Gingero

    Dead UVB fixture?

    Okay so it is definitely the fixture. I tried the bulb in another fixture and it works. Is it easier to buy the replacement parts (what parts would I need? I'm not handy at all) or just get a new fixture?
  2. Gingero

    Dead UVB fixture?

    Nope. I’m plugging in the fixture directly into the outlet and still nothing :/
  3. Gingero

    Dead UVB fixture?

    Has anyone had a UVB reflector hood die on them before? My UVB bulb went out so I got a brand new one and it still won’t turn on. Could it be my fixture?
  4. Gingero

    zoomed reptivite with d3

    There’s a version of Reptivite that has no D3. That’s what I use.
  5. Gingero

    Tips on Panther Chameleon?

  6. Gingero

    What is the yearly cost of Cham maintenance?

    This video is more about the upfront costs, but still goes over reoccurring monthly costs.
  7. Gingero

    New Video: How does a chameleon sleep? [MEDIA]

    New Video: How does a chameleon sleep?
  8. Gingero

    How does a chameleon sleep?

    Learn how often chameleons sleep, what you can do to help them sleep, and the warning signs of a sick chameleon if they are sleeping during the day or on you.
  9. Gingero

    Going out of state

  10. Gingero


  11. Gingero

    Is my cage fine?

    What are your basking and ambient temps? What about humidity levels? What makes you think that enclosure is too big? I don't think there is such thing as too big of an enclosure for a chameleon. That guy would love the extra space :)
  12. Gingero

    Live plants soil?

    Honestly, idk the difference between indoor and outdoor organic potting soil. I don't think it matters too much. You just want to avoid anything that has chemicals/fertilizers in it.
  13. Gingero

    When to feed HORNWORMS?

    I second everything snitz427 said. Your guys are big enough to take on hornworms. I'll put mine in a feeder cup so I can keep track of when and how many are eaten. I'll alternate between keeping the worms in my fridge one day and at room temp the next day. If I keep them in the fridge longer...
  14. Gingero

    Pete not eating well?

    Could be a result of his past husbandry since you've only had him a few days. Usually takes a few poops under your care to get them to be healthy and where you want them to be. Just something I've seen with the chams I've brought home.
  15. Gingero

    is this poop normal?

  16. Neptune the Chameleon

    Neptune the Chameleon

    1.5 year old Ambilobe
  17. Gingero

    Live plants soil?

    The soil should say "Organic Potting Soil" There are a ton of different brands, but as long as it says that, you should be fine.
  18. Gingero

    Post shed colors

    Those blue bars are coming in nicely!
  19. Gingero

    Gutload recipe for dubias

    You're welcome! I personally don't use the ice cube technique. I just put in fresh gutload the night before so I can't weigh-in on the Jell-O question. As far as how often they should be fed, everyone agrees that they should be fed at least 24 hours before. As far as at night only or all the...
  20. Gingero

    Top 3 signs your chameleon isn't doing well

    Thank you, that would be awesome! Landscape orientation would be preferred, but I'll take what I can get :) Yeahhhh I try to avoid using people's content without asking them for permission first, even if I site where it is from. I'll default to that if I have to, but I'd rather avoid it.
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