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  1. camimom

    Gravid. Yay or nay?

    Recently bred this little female, and wondering if she appears to be showing gravid coloring. Two pics from before and two pics from after breeding.
  2. camimom

    R.I.P Glacier Nigel Murray

    Glacier Nigel murray came to me as a 11 month old chammie infested with coccidia and a severe and chronis prolapse issue. After months of vet care, man handling man bits, I finally got him healthy and happy. Although he was small for his age, he did well. Recently, he injured his...
  3. camimom

    All owners of chams with no tongues

    How did you go about teaching your chammies to eat without them having a tongue? Glacier, my Nosey ? chameleon, seems to have damaged his tongue. It appears to be off the bone its supposed to be attached to. We are heading to the vet this afternoon, but I have a good feeling its going to...
  4. camimom

    Rescue Cham won't eat

    I recently rescued a female panther, who is skinny and seems a bit weak. No sleeping during the day though. She seems interested in food, but is sort of weak to be able to catch on her own. I'm doing shower treatments, and offer food, all she could eat. I'm not trying to force feed...
  5. camimom

    dubia breeding ?

    Quick question, for those of you who breed dubias, what is the name of that tape stuff you put on roach bins that heats it up or something? And where do I get it?
  6. camimom

    Adult female crested

    HI all. Im looking for an adult, or close to adult female crested gecko. Coloring not specific, but pics required first. Please PM me for info.
  7. camimom

    New boy!

    So its been a while since ive been on the forums.. got pre-occupied with getting married and all! Anyway, I got this guy from Drocrossfire, you might recognize him, Its Romeo! Haha! Love this guy, hopefully he helps make some beautiful yellow bodied ambis for me.
  8. camimom

    Sperm plug issue

    I was doing my wellness check on my chams, and I found a thing sticking out of glaciers vent, it seemed to have made a hole the size of a pinhead even in his skin right behind his vent. I had to pull and tug, and it finally POPPED out. Omg this thing was almost an inch long and thicker...
  9. camimom

    Coming with a new shed!

    Kink, my 3 year old male veiled, is completing a full body shed, must be so he can look good for Spring!
  10. camimom

    Look at my new Eyelashes

    My newest Gargoyle Gecko, Annabelle
  11. camimom

    Nogah passed away

    I am heartbroken to say that Nogah passed away this morning before I could get him to the vet. I have no idea what happened, it was very sudden. Nogah was the son of Noki, from Rottsko. I just hope that the eggs I have are viable. This sucks majorally as I just had my cat die on...
  12. camimom

    Working with dehydrated cham

    So, my mistking tube was pinched for several days, and Nogah suffered for it. hes dehydrated, and surrently keeps his eyes shut off and on, he can and will open them, but not for long periods of time. Im looking for any suggestions to help rehydrate him. Ive already done showers and...
  13. camimom

    Repticon Baltimore MD

    THe new season starts, with a show coming feb 1 and 2. Whose going?
  14. camimom

    36inch 10.0 UVB bulb

    Purchased it from LLL, didnt realize it was the wrong size. Local pick up only, I'm in the DC metro area. $25.00
  15. camimom

    What type of fish am I?

    I have this cichlid, and it appears to be a tiger, but its marked very weird. Instead of black with some orange spots, its primarly orange with black spots, and it has this white patch on its head. I know the pics aren the best, but if anyone can identify it, id appreciate it.
  16. camimom

    Kokie- Male JJ

    Just picked up this pretty boy from psychobunny. He's settling in nicely, though still super shy and reserved.
  17. camimom

    Female Jacksoni Jacksoni

    I am aquiring a male JJ, so I would like to pick up a female, hopefully close to breeding age.
  18. camimom

    Full Body Shed Day

    Looks like all three adult boys decided it was time for a full body shed.
  19. camimom

    Cat with hyperthroidism and/or diabetes

    Does anyone here have a cat or had a cat with either of those disorders? My cat Timber is currently being seen by a vet for the possibility of either of these disorders. Symptoms: almost 4 pound weight loss. Will only eat canned cat food. (refused all dry food, even when I tried...
  20. camimom

    OMG Fedex

    So I shipped out my last veiled baby last night. I used ship your reptiles and then took him off to fedex. He was to arrive at 10:30 Am this morning. He didn't get delivered until almost 3 PM. After calling FedEx 3times, and SYR several times... we finally found the issue. He...
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