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    Beautiful male Ambilobe, Price negotiable

    I have a beautiful male Ambilobe, named Judah, that I do not have the time for any longer. I recently got a new job and cannot provide the proper care to keep this guy happy as I would like. He is about 5 years old, but dont have an exact birth date. He is very docile and nice. He has never...
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    4 year old Ambilobe and fully stocked homemade cage

    Recently got a very demanding job and will be moving at least a couple times in the next year so it's time to let go of my Ambilobe to a more suitable owner. The chameleon is a male Ambilobe who's sire is lancecham's Lucifer Jr. He is approximately 4 years old and has never had a health...
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    mistking, cages, lights, sticks, everything

    I have a mistking, the regular 100 dollar model, two 2x2x4 cages and plenty of light domes and bulbs. I also have chameleon books and supplements and a few other little things. If your interested in anything just shoot me a price by PM with your phone number and maybe we can work out a deal. Thanks.
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    lucifer Jr. Male 1.5 years old

    I got my Ambilobe from Lance. The dad was "Lucifer." He's now one and a half years old and he is awesome. He's got great colors and he's never tried to bite a human, ever. I'm pricing him at $450. I live in Northern California in Eureka. It would be great if u could pick him up, as I have never...
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    Three year old veiled male complete setup

    Male veiled All screen 2x2x4 cage Lights Branches And the plant if u want it. I live in Eureka, CA if u could pick it all up, that'd be great. He is very grumpy and has lost a few spikes up near his head on his spine. But he is an awesome chameleon, steady appetite, strong grip...
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    Sick ambilobe female

    I have been trying to nurse this little ambilobe female back to health for a while now and me and the vet are stumped. College just started back up and I dont have time for this now so I would like for her to go to a good home where her new owner can figure out whats wrong and help her. Its a...
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    Showing off my veiled

    A few days ago I took my veiled chameleon, Rango, in to a 5th grade class and taught them all about chameleons. It was really fun and the kids thought that he was interesting. Rango didn't enjoy it as much.. lol. But he got some treats when we got him home. :D
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    My female is still sick.. HELP!?

    I posted about this a while back.. Its been months that she has been closing her eyes and hasent eaten without forcefeeding. Idk what else to do. My vet and I have tried Reptaid, numerous antibiotics (for respitory infection), eye drop anti biotics (for eye infection), vitamin A, and saline...
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    Opening mouth

    My boy has been opening his mouth for a little while now. I notice that he is just starting his shed. He opens his mouth and flips his head back and forth. Is he just trying to wiggle out of his skin? Sometimes he doesnt whip his head back and forth when he opens his mouth..
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    Water under cage

    So i have a cage that drains into a tub under the cage. There is no way for the crickets or other bugs to get to the water and then get back to the chameleon, so i know that she wont be eating nasty bugs. But is this ok other wise? to have the water sitting there? how often should I be dumping...
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    Showin off Judah

    This is Judah :D Outside Sleeping colors
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    Mouth rot?

    This is my almost 2 year old veiled. Hes eating fine and drinking fine. Moves around alright but he has some brown stuff around his teeth. Is this some mouth rot? or does he just need to brush his teeth? :p I have been slacking on his supplements.. may this be a factor?
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    One-eyed sphinx moth

    Is this moth ok to feed? i just caught two of them. They are mostly brown/grey, but their underwins are pink with a circle design. I can post a picture if necessary?
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    Weights of my Ambilobes

    Male ambilobe is 10 months old and weighs 150 grams. ;) Female ambilobe is 1 year old and has been sick for a month and I have been having to hand feed her. She is 74 grams. How does this seem to anyone else? just wonderin what others opinions are.
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    How much do yours eat??

    I was just wondering your guys feeding schedules for a male panther, about 9 or 10 months old. I have silkworms and crickets for him. the silkies are huge as well as the crickets. both full grown sizes. whats your opinion on a feeding schedule?
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    Is this a good gutload?

    I mixed mustard greens, carrots, oranges, apples, a little blackberry, and then, after i blended that together, I mixed in some Flukers high calcium cricket diet to thicken it up. (It was all juicy) So anyone have any idea what i could add?
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    Yawning and sticking tongue out a little

    I didnt think anything of it when my brother told me he yawned earlier today but i just went in to check on him and his tongue was barely sticking out. Why would he do these things? I included a picture of him sticking out his tongue like i mentioned.
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    Im a senior now!

    Just saw that it says im a senior member now!!! :D:D:D So proud to be here guys! haha :cool:
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    My ambilobe

    (and glad its not a faly these days) Here he is today. chillllllen. And mowin down a few days ago
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    Looking for a female panther

    Looking for a nosy mitsio female or a ambilobe female. Preferably 1 years oldd but anywhere over 8 or 9 months is fine. And it should be healthy and free of problems! Thank you.
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