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  1. SCharton74

    Any ideas what this is?

    Do we know what this guy is?
  2. SCharton74

    Carpet Chameleons

    I feel like I used to see lots of carpet chams in pet stores a few years back but all I see now are veiled and Jackson's at the major corporate pet stores and many many panther breeders and from reptile stores. What happened to all the carpet chams?
  3. SCharton74

    Sorry if this is a repeat but I can't find anything that addresses it.

    In addition to my chams, I have two cresties. I love them. I have only just learned that they like crickets as well as the Repashy gecko food. I put the crickets in the cage and VOILA, the repashy was covered over in crickets. My cresties are very happy with this new addition. Now for the...
  4. SCharton74

    YAY! My quad boy is here!!

    Just got my male Quad. He's perfect and awesome. Tylene rocks! Thanks so much. I'll post pics when he's not totally pissed off from shipping. Shawn
  5. SCharton74

    Winter Humidity Levels

    This will be my first full Winter with chameleons and Ohio tends to get frikken dry in the Winter. I'm already planning to put all of my chams in a closed temperature/humidity controlled room but I'm wondering if I can add a piece of plastic around two or three sides of my cages during the...
  6. SCharton74

    Quads verss Jackson's

    So, I have had Jackson's for a while now. They are doing great and I am totally in sync with how to keep them. I am about to get my first Quad and I'm told that they are very similar to keeping Jackson's except they like it a little cooler. Has anybody also kept both species who might like to...
  7. SCharton74

    Only Panthers??

    I just went through all of the sponser links and I only found very few breeders that offered anything but panthers. There were a couple of veiled and ONE place that offered carpets. What is that about? I get that chams are specialized and not for everybody so the customer base is limited but is...
  8. SCharton74

    Chameleon Identification

    Yesterday a friend who went to the zoo in Memphis posted this picture on facebook. She called it a chameleon and she insists that the sign said it is a chameleon. She is a scientist and she is not prone to misunderstanding such things so I trust that she knows what she's talking about but I've...
  9. SCharton74

    screen cage hanging idea

    When I got my second repti-breeze I wanted to use a hanging pothos pot that I had but I couldn't hang the pot in my cage. What I ended up doing is taking a brass plated cup hook from Home Depot and screwing it through the screen into a large cork I got at Michael's. This has worked like gang...
  10. SCharton74

    Jackson's horn health

    So, I bought a male jackson's from PetSmart. Generally speaking, he's great. He eats like a horse and seems very happy. Recently he's been through a hefty shed and I notice that the base of his horns look AWESOME which now points out that his horns when I bought him were a bit mealy and...
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