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  1. millsamus

    FS: 2 Full Chameleon Setups!

    The chameleons need to go! I'm moving and they wont fit in my new home. For sale! Any questions just ask!!! FOR SALE LOCALLY ONLY!!! Cleveland, OHIO For Sale: Moving and these little critters must go! Very healthy and need your love! Owning a chameleon is a big commitment. Don't waste my...
  2. millsamus

    Egg Laying Help: Chameleon still digging 15 hours later

    My female Veiled is still digging.... 7 hours of digging last night. She spend the night in the hole. And this afternoon she is still digging. Why cant she make up her mind that the holes deep enough or good enough for her? This is the 3ed time I have put here in her digging space and still...
  3. millsamus

    Jacksons Chameleon Enclousure Help?? Suggestions/ Pics

    Hello Cham fourms its been a while since I seeked help! My Female veiled chameleon is doing great and just had her 1 year birthday last month!! She is getting big and in the process of laying her 2ed clutch of eggs for this year. Just recently got a jacksons Chameleon and I am asking for...
  4. millsamus

    My newly PVC Build chameleon setup!

    Decided to build another cage for my chameleon. Seemed she was not getting enough exercise in her old one. So this one Is made out of pvc and plastic covering on the outside. One shop light and my UVB light + heatlamp are hanging in the front. Final cost has to be around $100 not including...
  5. millsamus

    My cham eats romaine lettuce from my hand!

    I never would have guessed but its a fact! Along with eating some of the plants in her cage she also like to eat lettuce! Happened by trial and she eats lettuce in addition to her gut loaded crickets! BTW: how do i post images in a gallery form like I have seen others do?
  6. millsamus

    Swollen front arm wrists? Is this common?

    :confused: My female just recently layed her first clutch and I have noticed one of her arms is swollen at the base right where the fingers start to split. I hope to post a pic soon is this is something to worry about. Anyone ever see or hear this happen? Was this because she dug in the...
  7. millsamus

    My veiled is laying eggs right now! Whats next?

    UPDATE!!! *********** 30 eggs !!! Shes in bed and will eat tomorrow!**** ty all!!! Hole depth totaled out to be 7 1/2'' deep! I started a hole about 3 inches deep before she dug in!************** Wow after 4 hours of digging in the sand and a long 45's minutes my female is laying her...
  8. millsamus

    Broken toe nails

    Came back from my weekend partying and found my chameleon with a sideways broken toe nail in the front outer arm , both sides. Shes been growing so fast with new long nails. So I trimmed them all a few cm's get the pointy sharp ends off. I know the danger of doing this but I wont risk her...
  9. millsamus

    Cricket Farming ( What do you use to keep the eggs warm?)

    I just started to breed crickets and I have been looking for a heating pad to keep my cricket eggs at a constant temp 24/7 The heating pads I have found... all have an auto off after 30mins - 2 hours!!! I am aware of the Zoo Med heating pad, but this does not have a temp gauge on it! You...
  10. millsamus

    My veiled cham wont go back in his cage after free range!

    My chameleon got to sit in her new fake tree free range next to her screened cage for 4 and a half hours tonight as i surfed the computer tonight. Now its bed time and she wont get off my hand to return to her cage for the rest of the night!!! Now i am stuck typing with one hand as the others...
  11. millsamus

    Female Veiled Help

    My Female Veiled is constantly running around the cage top and sides. Basicly hanging on the top as if she wants out..... but never allows me to get her unless I trick her with food (the bait) :confused: She does not look big enough to be have eggs and shes not even a year old yet! Last...
  12. millsamus

    Show off your Cage / Setup Thread!!!!

    Mainly Picture's Please! & Helpful Discussion! Lets make this a sticky thread!! :D Attention all Chameleon lovers! Search no more, post your chameleon setup here and enjoy everyone's vast exotic and just plain different cages! Screen indoor pics, outside cages, free range setup's, DIY...
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