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  1. YigosFlower


    My husband keeps bees and as we have a few hives now I know I could get my fair share of bees easily (and perhaps on occasion wax worms) I know my husband will cringe at the thought of him polishing off bees, but I thought it might be a different/fun snack for occasion. What are your thoughts...
  2. YigosFlower

    Online ordering have you used Panther Company?

    Hi there I am getting ready to make a purchase of our second chameleon and am debating between two different places. The first is where I have ordered my feeders from, so I have experience with them and have built trust. The other is from Panther Company found here...
  3. YigosFlower

    Here is Blarfengar!

    I havent been on in a while & thought sheesh, its really useless not to show off my beautiful boy!! I got him in March & couldnt have asked for a better chameleon experience. He's as evil as the day is long, but i love it. Once we get him out he calms down, but its funny that he plays the...
  4. YigosFlower


    Hi there I know the downsides to feeding wild caught feeders & usually wouldnt want to do so, but after reading how much most chams love them & the great benefits to feeding them, here is my question. My husband & son recently found a few hornworms in our garden, (i think too big to feed...
  5. YigosFlower

    Power outage

    I live in the midwest & recently due to weather our power has gone out a handful of times, got me to thinking.... I read a thread dating back to 2007 & wondered if there have been any 'advances' in what to do in case of an outage? Im going to assume no because there is only so much that can be...
  6. YigosFlower

    Ceaning & supplies

    I did use the search for this & came up with some mixed info that was about a year or two old... Im a neat freak & as i dont really imagine that the chameleons could ever possibly make more of a mess than my other pets i was just wondering what i should expect in that 'department?' How often...
  7. YigosFlower

    Yup, our Leopard Geckos!

    I thought i'd post a few photos of our only current scaled family.:D Wasabi Sake Baby Sake Ominous hehe Sapporo My son, Kaiden with Sapporo
  8. YigosFlower


    As every living thing in nature has some extent of a personality for the most part im going to assume Chameleons do too. I am wondering though if some of you can describe your chameleons personalities as im SURE they are all different to a degree. (im mainly looking into Panthers, but would also...
  9. YigosFlower

    Best Cham enclosure

    Im sure this post is like a broken record on here, but i thought i would ask anyways just to be certain im getting direct up to date info. Im planning to get my first EVER chameleon in the coming months. I want to get all of my set up purchased little by little & have it set up a few weeks...
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