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  1. ToniandGizmo

    Finally got some pics of my GRIMBOLD

    Thanks again to the Kammer's for allowing me to give him his Forever Home. After I lost my sweet Gizmo at the age of 7 (euthanized after it was determined he was just too old to make it through surgery) from a prolapse... I called the Kammer's and they asked if I would be interested in one of...
  2. ToniandGizmo

    Welcome home Grimbold

    After my beloved Gizmo passed (at the age of 7), I contacted the Kammers (Kammerflage Kreations) to acquire another cham. When they asked me if I would consider giving one of their retired breeders his forever home, I was thrilled. I picked up Grimbold 3 weeks ago. His adjustment has been...
  3. ToniandGizmo

    Rest in Peace Gizmo

    Hello everyone, It's been quite a while since I posted (or even visited) on this site. Life can be complicated at times. Once again, peace and tranquility have returned to me.... I have (however) lost a very dear little friend - my sweet little Ambanja named Gizmo. Three mornings ago, he...
  4. ToniandGizmo

    What would be ideal UVB meter reading?

    Summoner12 posted some very interesting information on chameleon lighting. I think though that this should be it's own thread. Here's my question: What would be the "ideal" UVB reading for a 10.0 Reptisun fixture that is hung from the ceiling. There is no plastic or screen coming between...
  5. ToniandGizmo

    Pictures from the SBCK Meeting - May 26, 2009

    Sorry for the delay folks. It was a great meeting. Lots of people, food, feeders and chams. Many thanks to Dave Weldon for the "Reptiles are Solar Powered" Lecture and slides. And of course a big shout out to Nathan for being our gracious host for the meeting. There's too many pics...
  6. ToniandGizmo

    Gizmo's Pics - Then and Now

    Wow what a different a few seasons make! Kammerflage Kreations - Sire: Vinyarion - Grandsire: Glorfindel Thanks for looking.
  7. ToniandGizmo

    Suggestion for Feeding Crickets

    I thought I would share how I feed my crickets their moist foods (fruits and vegetables). Hands down I think they are the worst as far as keeping, but my panther loves them so they're here to stay. In the past I used paper plates to put their fruits and veggies on (as well as their water...
  8. ToniandGizmo

    Gizmo's Blues and Greens

    Thanks for looking.
  9. ToniandGizmo

    Gizmo's Purple Heart

    At certain angles one of his bars appears heart shaped. Thought it was cute so I took some pics. The last pic is of Gizmo's big ol' Ambanja head and rostral :D Enjoy!
  10. ToniandGizmo

    Pics from our last SBCK Meetin April 28th

    Hi everybody, Well it was a great meeting last night. There were even more people there than before. The group shot doesn't even begin to cover how many folks were there. Maybe next time I can coax everyone together for a group shot. I can see it now.... "Alright everyone, on the count...
  11. ToniandGizmo

    Gizmo Bit His Own Tail!

    This all happened so fast! Cricket jumped on his tail. Gizmo turned around, shot out his tongue and before you could say "ouch", he brought the cricket (and the tip of his tail) into his mouth and bit down. Of course he released both the cricket and his tail as soon as he bit. Must of...
  12. ToniandGizmo

    Gizmo Finally Fires Up!

    My little guy (Gizmo) has definately been taking his time in maturing. That was until this week. His "package" has finally started to swell and he's been creating sperm plugs like there's no tomorrow. Giz has always been mellow but last week I noticed a definate change in his personality...
  13. ToniandGizmo

    What do the Green Squares represent?

    I see these little green squares all the time in the posts (they are in the top right hand corner). Some folks have more than others and sometimes, the squares appear to be in different shades. Can someone explain what they represent? Hope this is the right forum category to post this...
  14. ToniandGizmo

    SBCK Meeting Pictures from last Tuesday

    This was my first time joining in and WOW was it fun! Being surrounded by folks as crazy as myself about chameleons was truly a rush. Many thanks to everyone for putting up with my picture taking. First shot is of Kayleigh, Kevin and Chris. Much thanks to Kayleigh and Chris for letting me...
  15. ToniandGizmo

    Getting the Blues... and the pinks and the reds

    Here are some new pics of Gizmo, my Ambanja (apologies in advance if I didn't attached them correctly). Giz is coming up on 10 months now. He seems to be a bit of a late bloomer compared to the boys I've seen on this forum. He is (however) "blooming" :) Some of the pics are a bit blurry...
  16. ToniandGizmo

    Hermaphodites aka He/She's

    I was just wondering if anyone has any pictures of these guys... I mean girls... I mean guy/girls :p There's not much information about them. I believe Dodolah mentioned something about them in a post - (Dodolah, my apologies in advance if it was not from you). Anyway, I know what they...
  17. ToniandGizmo

    Is this okay for my cham to eat?

    Here is a pic of the Daddy Long Legs that we've got around here. Gizmo goes absolutely crazy when he see's them. Falls all over himself to get to them. I've never allowed him to eat one of these. Would it be okay? He sure does want to.
  18. ToniandGizmo

    What was the name of the website where grievances against certain breeders are posted

    I do not have any grievances at all to post. I'm extremely happy with the Breeders I chose. I was just curious. I'd seen the link posted here somewhere, I just can't find it now.
  19. ToniandGizmo

    Never send a man......

    .... to do a woman's job :p Just kidding about that. Wanted to share a cute story that just happened to me. I sent my husband to buy some waxworms for Gizmo just a little while ago. While I was waiting, my phone rang and it was my husband. Seems he was asking my local pet shop guy for...
  20. ToniandGizmo

    Gizmo's got some crazy patterns coming out

    My little Ambanja has been a bit of a late bloomer.... being a little over 6 months old now. But he's beginning to show some very unusual patterns. Check it out.
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