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  1. Michaelk20


    Right then, Someone at work has been calling Sheldon a SHAmeleon, rather than a CHAmeleon. This has got me thinking, i know them as CHAmeleons, but i've heard a couple of people in the past refer to them as SHAmeleons. How do you say it and what way is correct? Am I right to think this person...
  2. Michaelk20

    Going stick hunting

    This weekend i'm going to go for a walk to look for some more decor for Sheldons house and my leopard gecko viv. Few quick questions that i need a definitive answer on: 1. Should i de-bark 2. Wash/bleach/sanitise then rinse 3. Dry naturally or bake? 4. Scrub? Cheers!
  3. Michaelk20


    Quite happy how these turned out. He's so happy in front of the camera! 1. Sheldon by michael_yo, on Flickr 2. Sheldon by michael_yo, on Flickr 3. Sheldon by michael_yo, on Flickr 4. Sheldon by michael_yo, on Flickr 5. Sheldon by michael_yo, on Flickr
  4. Michaelk20

    Veiled chameleon bored of crickets

    Is this normal? I'm varying his diet anyway with other food but is this something I should worry about? He used to go mad for them but now he's not bothered at all! He's 5 months old btw. Thanks
  5. Michaelk20

    Building a drainage system

    Hi guys, I've recently upgraded to a mesh viv, I'm now looking at building a drainage system for it to sit on. I haven't started sourcing wood or anything yet and after reading about various drainage systems on here I've came up with this idea. Basically i will be putting a raised plastic...
  6. Michaelk20

    New Yemen chameleon setup

    Hi all, I'm going to be sorting out a new set up for my yemen chameleon over the coming months and I'm struggling to decide between wooden and mesh. I've read alot that mesh is the way forward but I'm concerned about heating it in my living room, it can get quite cold in there in winter...
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