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  1. skittles22


    My ambilobe (skittles) just turned one year old. I am wondering if the correct feeding schedule would now go to every other day and approx how many adult crickets... Thanks for the imput.
  2. skittles22

    skittles at 11 months

    Just some fresh pics of my chameleon Skittles. He is 11 months old and sired by Bolt from Screameleons.
  3. skittles22


    I have two chams, one 5 months still in a baby setup and one 10 months in a 2x2x4. The larger enclosure has a live schefflera and other fake vines and leaves. Just recently started noticing some gnats in the enclosure and mostly around the gravel which is covering the soil of the schefflera...
  4. skittles22

    NY Reptile Expo

    Just came back from the NY Reptile Expo in White Plains. There were a few venders with Chameleons for sale but they had them in small glass enclosures or small containers. I think they should have done a better job displaying them in the proper environment they should be kept in. On a bright...
  5. skittles22

    New Arrival.. Kammers Nosy Be!!!!!!!!!

    Finally got my NOSY BE!!!!!!!!!! A Kammers baby sired by SINATRA. He is just about three months old now and is looking gorgeous. Did not pick out a name yet but im leaning toward a blue themed name so suggestions definately welcome. Also just wondering if anyone has siblings from this...
  6. skittles22

    Purchased another Cham!!

    Just ordered a new Chameleon from the Kammers!!!! A Nosy Be sired by Sinatra...I AM PSYCHED!
  7. skittles22

    Reptile Shops

    Does anyone have any information on a reptile shop in north Jersey. I have a red barred ambilobe panther who is about 5 1/2 months old. He is great and just want to do some shopping for his future setup and locate a more reliable food source than purchasing from the large chains. Thanks for...
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