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  1. vdoochameleon

    $40 bearded Pygmy chameleons

    WC bearded Pygmy chameleons. Adults and sub adults Only a few pairs left.
  2. vdoochameleon

    Bearded pygmy chameleons. $100 pairs shipped

    Bearded Pygmy chameleons for sale $100 pairs shipped for Black Friday through the week end.
  3. vdoochameleon

    Bearded Pygmy chameleon pairs $120 shipped

    Bearded Pygmy chameleons for sale. Pairs $120 shipped
  4. vdoochameleon

    Bearded Pygmy chameleons.

    Bearded Pygmy chameleon pairs $120 Shipped with gravid female
  5. vdoochameleon

    all this talk of ambanjas...

    Sweet colors
  6. vdoochameleon

    My tongueless boy!

    Love the yellows
  7. vdoochameleon

    Rebel hates the camera.

    Yeah they all seem to hate phones
  8. vdoochameleon

    Nacho update

    I love nachos
  9. vdoochameleon

    T. Montium Male

    Look so prehistoric
  10. vdoochameleon

    Blue on blue ambanja

    He's got great color
  11. vdoochameleon

    Adult Red bar panther

    Two year old red bar breeder male $400 shipped. Pm about questions
  12. vdoochameleon

    mikhail decides to go outside...

    I like the blues on him
  13. vdoochameleon

    New Skin

    Nice bars on the ambj.
  14. vdoochameleon

    Sleeping on an iPhone

    Sweet phone cover
  15. vdoochameleon

    Cooper (Baby Parsonii) Shedding Photos

    Good looking Cham
  16. vdoochameleon

    Baby Trans-Veileds

    Look like mutants
  17. vdoochameleon

    Our first egg started to hatch!

    Congrats. It always feels good to have eggs hatch for you
  18. vdoochameleon

    Official baby Quad update thread

    How many months did they take to hatch
  19. vdoochameleon

    All I saw was legs and wings...

    I had a meller take down a humming bird in my green house Before I could catch. Ran out to get my net, came back. All I see is Little bird feathers sticking out of her mouth.
  20. vdoochameleon

    HellBoy One of my Epic Boys

    He is really epic
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