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  1. Cameron B

    Male Acuminatus Pics

    Hey all!, Haven't posted photos in general for a long while so figured I would take a few today. I usually just keep these to myself and a few friends. :) Enjoy!
  2. Cameron B

    Lighting questions/opinions

    Hi, All, Over the years I have consistently kept a variety of chameleons, but these days I've primarily focused on lateralis and now campani. I am at a point where I'd like to re-evaluate my lighting setup. My current setups utilize Exo Terra's 18x18x24 enclosures. I have been utilizing Exo...
  3. Cameron B

    Kinyongia Tenuis

    Hey, All, It's been a few years since I've made a post in these forums, but I thought I'd share a few pics of my little male K. Tenuis. These aren't the best of pics (lazy phone pics), but they'll do for the moment. :)
  4. Cameron B

    Red Rudis Babies Update

    Hey, all, I haven't posted an update in some time, so just figured I'd post a few non-eventful shots that I quickly threw together. Hope everyone is doing well. :) Momma:
  5. Cameron B

    Baby Red Rudis

    Hey, all. I took the baby reds out for some sun today, and figured I'd snap a few pics. They are 8 weeks old now, and getting fat. A number of them have been going through their first shed as well. Enjoy. I took some pics of mom and dad yesterday, but they...
  6. Cameron B

    Baby Red Rudis Pics

    Hey, all. I took a couple of quick snaps last night of some of my baby red rudis. They are a little over a month now and still going. :) Sorry for the so-so quality, but they'll do! :) Hope everyone is having a good day!
  7. Cameron B

    Baby Red Rudis Dropped Today

    Hey all, Today I had 10 babies drop from my red rudis pair. Here's a few pics just after taking them out for some natural UV. Enjoy! :) Mom and pop shedding a while back. The male has blue around the face...
  8. Cameron B

    Some Jackson Chameleon Pics In The Wild

    Hey, all. I was just going through my backlog of photos over time, and found these shots from 2005 in Maui of a male Jackson I saw while walking around. Every time I've ever looked for these guys I'm never able to find them, but I stumbled across this guy. Anyways, figured I'd at least share...
  9. Cameron B

    Pics of the crew

    Well, today was a 5 hr. cham dedicated day of cleaning out cages, re-organizing, cleaning out bins for crickets and rotating sun time. After I cleaned each cage I nabbed some pics of some of the chams before going back "home." Enjoy. :) Carpet Chameleons This first pic is a new male to the...
  10. Cameron B

    Some Red Rudis

    Howdy all. Just a few pics of my Red Rudis pair to share. Enjoy! :)
  11. Cameron B

    For those that have lost chameleons

    Howdy, all. Just thought I would share this.... Back on June 24th I had let out one of my gravid female carpets for some sun on a free range area in the backyard. It is plenty away from other trees of any kind, however, she managed to escape. I couldn't find here for a long period of time...
  12. Cameron B

    Carpet pics, oh my!

    Hey, all. Only snapped a couple of Carpet pics today....female. I took some of the Red Rudis too, but haven't got around to them yet. Anyhow, enjoy the couple I have to share. Cameron
  13. Cameron B

    Chris Anderson on Daily Planet

    Hey, all, Many thanks to Sandrachameleon for capturing the video in Canada. I've downsized the file from 250MB to 66MB and uploaded it to one of my heftier servers to handle streaming traffic. It's quite a good segment, and interesting to see what Chris does in his studies!...makes me want to...
  14. Cameron B

    Red Rudis

    Hey, all. Decided to grab a few pics of my Red Rudis mainly to send off to verify my assumption that the female is indeed going to drop soon. The assumption is that it may be 3-4 weeks out, but here's a few pics of my pair. Sorry I didn't get more of the male...He's not exactly the easiest, as...
  15. Cameron B

    Someone is fired up!

    Hey, all...George has been a little fired up today. I don't think he wanted to be interrupted during his outdoor time! Just thought I'd share a photo with you all! :) And as a bonus, here's a few of my CB female carpet... Thanks for checking them out! :)
  16. Cameron B

    New critters from Daytona Beach show

    Howdy, all. Well, I intended to go to the show in Daytona without buying anything...but that didn't go over too well. Soooo, now I've come home with a pair of Red Rudis. I must say, they are pretty darn cool and very tame-like. Much different personality than my Panther/Carpets. Apologies in...
  17. Cameron B

    iPhone Madness!

    Anyone stay in the crazy lines today to get an iPhone 3G? Some are reported up to 4 hrs. long, and with the itunes system being down for activation it's even worse. Apple isn't allowing people to take the phones home for activation this time around due to people attempting to activate them with...
  18. Cameron B

    Pics of the crew...

    Male WC Furcifer Lateralis Female WC Furcifer Lateralis Female CB Furcifer Lateralis Male Blue Bar Ambilobe
  19. Cameron B

    New Chameleon From San Diego Supershow

    Hey, all, I purchased a new CB female Carpet Chameleon (F. Lateralis) at the show this last weekend. She's adjusting well so far and is a very hearty eater compared to the others so far! I'm hoping her colors will come in a little more vibrant as she gets older. Sorry for the semi-poor...
  20. Cameron B

    Not seeing out of one eye...any ideas?

    Hi all, Upon looking at my male carpet earlier today he doesn't seem to be able to see out of his right eye. I started noticing that when he was looking up to the light there was a funky glare coming off of his it was filled with a translucent fluid...water like. Imagine a persons...
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