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    Can/do panther chameleons swim?

    Apparently so: (make sure to scroll all the way down the page) Don't know if this has been seen or not but I just came across this while looking around a german(i think)...
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    link to some madagascar photos

    someone from another forum took a trip and posted some cool photos of chameleons and some other critters that he spotted, figured everybody likes to see pictures of our pets in the wild notice the...
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    calling all plant experts

    well the plant in question isn't in a chameleon cage nor does it have anything to do with chameleons but I figured I'd ask here cause I assume there must be some plant people or gardeners on the site. so my gf bought 2 orchid hybrids, one for my mother, and the other for her own mother, when...
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    ambanja update

    Well I haven't posted pictures of him since I first got him which was back in May when I signed up to the forum, so here he is as of yesterday. Based on what I know, he is somewhere between 6 and 7 months old (I think). Sorry for the lack of photography skills, he was gazing away at something...
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    how much do the canadians here pay for reptisuns?

    I'm looking for a place that sells reptisuns in ottawa area and the only place I can find is big als (fish place) that sell them for 39.99$, (all lengths are same price :confused:) I ask this because last night I was in a petsmart and they only had repti glos, but for a 5.0 18" it was only...
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    any electricians to guide me in a diy repair?

    my ESU slimline fixture has crapped out on me, I left one morning as usual (the lamp was fine) and I come home to a non stop flickering light which was extremely hot, and was giving off sort of a burning smell. (isn't a ballast supposed to shutdown the lamp when temps get too high?) so I play...
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    Anyone use repashy superfoods? (aka T-Rex Sandfire Superfoods)

    A guy on the local classifieds site is selling some of their products for a bit cheaper than retail so I might try the 'insect diet cricket loading formula' to gutload my crickets with. Mostly was wondering if anyone here uses any of their products and if they are a good quality brand? The...
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    best/simplest way to construct a cage?

    I'm about to start building a new cage and although I know what I want it to look like, I am a bit confused about how to actually start the construction. All I want is a basic 4 sided wood and screen cage and I'm wondering weather I should build 3 walls and a door and then connect them together...
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    couple of random cricket questions

    So I opened up my cage this morning to mist and I spotted a few pinhead crickets which I assume were laid by the females that weren't eaten right away. I was just wondering do they hatch and come out of the egg or does the 'egg' grow legs and become the cricket? just asking cause I've seen the...
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    Just thought I'd share this

    A member on another forum just got back from a trip to northern madagascar and posted pics. The pictures are not all on the first post, keep scrolling down to view the next sets. The third set was taken on the way from ambilobe to ambanja...
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    top of the head question

    Just wondering if the top of the head usually takes time to fill in with colour? I have a juvenile panther and the top of his head always seems to be pretty much the same colour no matter what colours he's displaying on his body. It's usually a white/pink colour sometimes light purple, but for...
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    where to buy/find hqi/hql lights?

    I keep seeing all this talk about hqi lighting as the 'main' light source in europeans cham terrariums because of it beeing the closest to mimic the sun's color rendering, where these hqi lights would give about 90 on 100, 100 being that of the sun. They use these coupled with basking lights...
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    Montreal reptile expo

    Sorry if this belongs in lizard lounge but i figured this is the most active section... I'm thinking of coming down to the reptile expo in mtl and was wondering what companies/vendors will be there if anyone knows ? I'm mainly going just to look around and to pickup some feeders but i'm sure...
  14. Electric

    shadlies/mayflies as feeders?

    anyone ever fed these to their chams? we get a pretty big flood of them at a certain point in the summer where they group up around the street lights and you can hear them crackle and crunch under your feet as you walk these : thanks
  15. Electric

    shefflera identification

    I bought a little shefflera the other day but the place didn't have the little plastic tags with scientific names on them. I've read about the actinophylla being toxic and that the arboricola is ok... but I have no idea which one I have. Are there any main differences or tricks people have to...
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    how good are rep pro supplements?

    i bought them with my cham cause that's all they had there, searched them on google and found nothing about the brand no website or profile whatsoever. says made in china (good/bad sign?) products are rep pro calci-max and vita-max
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    my new furcifer pardalis ambanja

    Hi just wanted to share some finally decent pics I got of my new guy that I got from a reptile zoo/store (little ray's reptiles) in Ottawa. They were sold to ray's from Connie Dorval from arboreal exotics, she's an author/breeder, one of the most reputable in Canada from what I was told, the...
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    do chameleons sneeze?

    Hi I'm new here and also new to chameleons I have recently acquired a little ambanja panther toddler about 3 months old (maybe 3.5) and he seems to be doing great so far. When holding him (no I don't hold him too much and never force him out of his cage) I sometimes (maybe 3 times so far) notice...
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