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  1. Jeffy my high school's pet

    Jeffy my high school's pet

  2. School pet

    School pet

  3. maritza2813

    how on earth do you get the crickets out of a bulk bag?

    haha they are a little difficult to get out of the bag at first for me lol,i always had escapes but the last time i bought some none of them got out suprisingly.:D...i think i should go with the tub idea...sounds good.
  4. Zar


  5. Zen :D

    Zen :D

  6. maritza2813

    My Pet Shop Experience Today

    I used to go to petsmart for crix but i found a better deal at Pet Supermarket, so now i only go there.And pet supermarket is obviously a cheap store but what i noticed is they take better care of the reptiles than petsmart which kind of suprised me since most of us would think a well-off...
  7. maritza2813

    LIVID Chameleon

    wow you've really bonded with your cham eh? Only behavior i noticed different about my veiled was when i was misting him the other day.He started to make this funny pose, like he was putting his head high and chin up trying to look cool :cool: sure other chams do this as well but it was...
  8. maritza2813

    jacksons doing their thing

    haha looks like the female was more interested in looking at that dog on that kodak box :rolleyes:
  9. maritza2813


    regardless of how you pronounce it, your avatar is freekin AWESOME! i love it! hehe thanks i love it too
  10. maritza2813


    ambilobe i pronounce it "Am bih lobe eee"...idk if its right lol
  11. maritza2813

    booty bump

    problem solved but... just letting u know how to make ur photos smaller.just go to "paint" on ur accesories,then open a photo and go to "image" (top middle) then to "strech/skew" and change the first to percantages to like 25 and that should be a good size :D
  12. maritza2813


    did u use photoshop to do that? or just googled it and found it? i really like it.its cool lol
  13. maritza2813

    What substrate to use?

    i use newspaper also
  14. maritza2813

    dead crix

    you pay alot for your crickets. try buying some offline. if you have the proper setup you can keep around a thousand and it comes out to 18 dollars off of and it includes shipping, so the crx cum out to be 2 cents each, which is a really good deal, especially if your chameleon...
  15. maritza2813

    dead crix

    Lol glad to help . I would be pretty lost on some things also if it weren't for this forum. Throw some of that lattuce in their cage, let them eat that up, how many crickets do you have? just did.right now i have about 25
  16. maritza2813

    dead crix

    Try to get some on his body. Also, for the lettuce, you can use others that have a good water content. That is for moisture. Keep it refrigerated so you can keep it long enough, you can also feed this to Superworms. They love it! Hope this helps alrighty:).i think i have some lettuce in the...
  17. maritza2813

    dead crix

    will do :).i'll make the food for the crix as soon as i get all the ingredients.sometimes when i mist him he gets a little water in his eye and winks it lol.
  18. maritza2813

    dead crix

    thanks for letting me know about the ice thing.And yes i do mist him(morning,noon and night)
  19. maritza2813

    dead crix

    thanks for the help.At 10 cents a cricket,i want them to survive as long as possible lol.oh and another thing, sometimes i put some ice cubes on top on the his cage so he can drink the water droplets from them, is this ok too? i dont have a misting system yet so i do this just to make sure he...
  20. maritza2813

    dead crix

    lol a home made recipie cool.i'll def try it out
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