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  1. jmdavis

    Repticon Orlando Jan. 15th & 16th

    Seem like everyone is going to show up on Sunday:(. Its to bad because I can only make it on Saturday.
  2. jmdavis

    Repticon Orlando Jan. 15th & 16th

    More then ready for the weekend to be here. I'm getting my VIP ticket tonight so I can be there bright and early for all the good stuff I'm going buy. I'm so addicted to this madness of cham keeping thanks to all of you
  3. jmdavis

    Ambanja Panther Chameleon

    I don't see a pic
  4. jmdavis

    For anyone debating dubai

    Forgot to post the pic with that last post :o Here they are
  5. jmdavis

    Nosy Faly

    Anyone selling Nosy Falys or have some that are going to be for sale in the near future. Email any info/prices or pics you have to [email protected]
  6. jmdavis

    question about feeding roaches

    If you're using dubia roaches then you have to make them appealing to your cham. Sometimes mine won't even touch them in the feeder dish just because they don't move around enough but if I take one out of the cup and place it on a branch where it can move the chams will almost sprint across the...
  7. jmdavis

    For anyone debating dubai

    To be honest they don't breed that slow if you keep them under the right conditions. I probably have about 20 adult females and probably the same amount of males that I separated from the rest of the colony a few weeks ago just to see how many babies they were producing. Last night I separated...
  8. jmdavis

    sudden death

    Fill this out... Very sorry to hear of your loss Chameleon Info: * Your Chameleon - The species, sex, and age of your chameleon. How long has it been in your care? * Handling - How often do you handle your chameleon? * Feeding - What are you feeding your cham? What amount...
  9. jmdavis

    Glamour shot of my girl Oozle

    Very pretty!
  10. jmdavis

    My new Dr. Gonzo Ambanja

    WOW!! Very nice
  11. jmdavis

    Orlando Repticon

    Lol.... Oops! How did I miss that post. Now I feel like a dummy
  12. jmdavis

    Orlando Repticon

    Just wondering how many awesome Florida forum members are going to be heading that way on the 15th and 16th of this month. I myself will be going for the first time and cant wait to see all the good stuff. I might possibly pick up Cham and some cages. Any idea on who is going to be there to buy...
  13. jmdavis

    You know you are a chamleon owner if you

    OMG!! It's all so true:eek: How about.. Trying to convince your friends to come back over to your house after they find out that you breed roaches in your den because its cheaper then buying them
  14. jmdavis

    ants in my veiled chameleons cage and need help!!!

    I ran into this about a month ago.. The ants came inside my house from a plant plant I brought into my house when it got cold outside. They ended up relocating into the ficus I have in my chams enclosure. I woke up that morning to find that ants had invaded the feeder cup and eaten all of them...
  15. jmdavis

    New Chams!!! Starting the new year off right

    Thank you all!! Ready to start looking for more already. If only I had unlimited funds to work with......:p
  16. jmdavis

    New Chams!!! Starting the new year off right

    Well I did some looking for a new cham after I found out that the supposed male Ambilobe I have is really a female instead. I ended up in contact with multiple breeders and made my decision. Red Island Ray sold me a awesome unrelated male and female pair both around 2.5 months old. They both...
  17. jmdavis

    Dubia getting liquids?

    I use a sponge in both of my bins and it seems to work just fine. I find that they like to me misted though and when I do that they run around and drink up all of the dew drops on the bottom and sides of the bin
  18. jmdavis

    How To Sex Baby Panthers

    Thanks for the info..I was looking to get 2 more chams for right now with the intention of starting a breeding project sometime in the future once they mature but like you said she's healthy and looks good so I really cant complain :D
  19. jmdavis

    How To Sex Baby Panthers

    Guess I need to start looking for a male instead of a female now.. So bummed right now because the sire had such great colors imo
  20. jmdavis

    How To Sex Baby Panthers

    Yes she is a Ambilobe from from Sunshine Chameleons
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