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    thin dull and shriveled..

    Can the red light. If you need to keep the temps up, get a ceramic heat emitter...screws into a lightbulb outlet, gives heat but no light. Studies done by people here have proven that the red lights are disruptive. Sun is the best thing for him. I'm concerned about his water. Is he getting...
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    Strange bugs/things in my cricket keeper

    or meal worms. Does your Petsmart keep bins of meal worms? If so, maybe there's been a cross over.
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    Does Turq's leg look wavy?

    Not to me. Though, more expert people might see something more subtle. He's very handsome!
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    construction paper

    Given the likelihood it will get wet, I would think construction paper was a short term solution. Plastic is better. You could get a piece of coroplast (plastic that looks like corogated cardboard) at office depot or something like that and use that. You might even be able to replace that...
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    Ugh my neighbors think I am a drug dealer

    Put a sign on your door: Reptiles not Drugs! See if that helps.
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    So heartbroken...

    I'm so sorry. I agree with ForrestJungle, getting a new baby will help you. It will not affect the love you feel for you lost baby, it will just give you someone new to love.
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    First shed...still have pieces stuck on him.

    The only time you should be concerned is if there is a continuous piece of unshed skin around a limb (or tail or neck) that could cause problems as the animal grows. Otherwise, they should come off with the next shed.
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    Sleeping upside down?

    I think that's common when they are new to an enclosure or young. I would suggest beefing up the foliage in the cage so he has some places to hide. He'll probably sleep someplace he feels "hidden".
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    Watering question...

    Yeah, I describe it as sort of like bird poop. You should see a white portion. Make sure your dripper is hitting leaves. It's best if it bounces off those leaves onto other leaves. You want there to be lots of "water on leaf" action to entice your baby to drink. I agree you should mist for...
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    How do you properly inbox crickets?

    Well, I do it outside (just in case) and my bin is big enough that I can usually put the whole box below the top edge before I start to shake.
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    Pygmy chameleons!

    I'm going to point you to the Pygmy enclosure forum because I think you will find it useful.
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    "pre-packaged" no thanks/headache >must read!< young and feed more early on. Even if you end up setting a bunch free when they get too big and you order more, it will probably be cheaper than buying from Petco or Petsmart. If you don't have a bait store nearby, check online. Even through Petco you can get 1000 delivered for...
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    "pre-packaged" no thanks/headache >must read!<

    All the Petcos here in San Diego feed Flucker's Cricket food and water gel. However, I think the objection is to the crickets that have been in the fish bags for who knows how long. It's one thing to watch them bag the crickets and take them home. It's another to pick up a bag that has been...
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    so sorry little guy......, sorry.
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    very proud teacher

    How fun! My daughter had a frog when she was young, long before I had a chameleon. When I got the chameleon I tried to make the tongue action a common theme...didn't work, but then she was a pre-pubescent girl, I'm not sure why I thought anything would.
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    Peacocks aren't big color changers. I've had one and in the two years it lived it was green. Sometimes it had some blue on it, but essentially it was green. If you want an animal that is going to change colors with different situations, you'll be happier with a carpet.
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    THAT post! :D My New Baby was born!!!!!!!

    Oh, he's wonderful! Buckle up, it gets more exciting from here on! But it's a wonderful ride even when it has you pulling your hair out or screaming in fear....
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    Jeff suddenly died this morning

    I'm so sorry.
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    Happy Birthday Chris Anderson!!

    Happy Birthday Chris!
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    5 Year CF Anniversary and 15,000 Post

    Jann, you are one of the reasons this board is as wonderful as it is. And I love how you don't shy away from your post count. Some who've been here a long time point to their low post counts as proof that they are serious. You can point to your post count as proof that you care.
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