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  1. dc2ap2

    car guys?

    i love them all!!!! and thank you soon as shes paid of i will start the hunt for a nsx!!!!!
  2. dc2ap2

    car guys?

    the asr sway bar is the only sway bar for that car hands down!
  3. dc2ap2

    car guys?

    and here are a few of my teg
  4. dc2ap2

    car guys?

    ok since all you honda guys are making me feel right at home ill join in! i have been in to hondas since day one i worked for honda for years! so here are some pics of my 07 s2000 gpw blk/red gut. i do have some work done lol and my arm to show my honda gayness lol thats how far in i am lol
  5. dc2ap2

    How Many Tattoos and Piercings Do You Have?

    cain your not a wuss! that shit hurts! my right leg is done from my toes to my hip. we just did some work on my inner thigh and it was fine last night and today it hurts bad lol. my shin was bad but the knee cap worst thing EVER!!!!!!! i also have my back my left chest plate and outside and...
  6. dc2ap2

    Start a group for NJ or the Tri State Area?

    im in pa but work in nj im down!
  7. dc2ap2

    dr gonzo baby arriving in philadelphia

    so cool!!!!!! where in philly are you im right in the burbs
  8. dc2ap2

    whos going to the ny reptile show

    me and its a pink should be going
  9. dc2ap2

    Anybody Selling Near Jersey?

    im from pa to any one can ship out this way! i work in hamilton nj all my stuff gets shiped to my work!
  10. dc2ap2

    Jann B Baby Owners Unite!

    are lil guy got here about 9am on wednesday no name yet and pics to come
  11. dc2ap2

    some chams for sale

    really only 2 emails thats it? please let me know why no one wants my chams?
  12. dc2ap2

    some chams for sale

    well due to being broke i need to let go of some of my guys :( this is the last thing i want to do but i need to do what i need to do. i have a pair of pink panthers both came from two of are sponsors and are very health! the male did have a prolapse in the first breeding but bounced back...
  13. dc2ap2


    has any one herd of this as far as a ant killer? its called diatomaceous earth and they say its safe for us to eat? anyone have any input????
  14. dc2ap2

    good misting timers???

    this is what i use they work really good
  15. dc2ap2

    Let's see those GIANT panthers

    i know i do let him roam free when im home working in the cham room its so funny cause nothing gets him fired up he just walks around pissing everyone off lol i wish todd would chime in on his size lol
  16. dc2ap2

    Let's see those GIANT panthers

    hey jan that is so cool that you know norm lol do you have links of other pics from when todd still had him?
  17. dc2ap2

    Picassos Mom and Dad...

    look for a post of mine that says wastegate he is from the same sire your gona love the way your boy turns out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. dc2ap2

    Let's see those GIANT panthers

    i dont but the cage door is a door on a 24 24 48 ill try to get a pic tonight
  19. dc2ap2

    Let's see those GIANT panthers

    here are 2 more and this was him when i got him a year and a half ago
  20. dc2ap2

    Let's see those GIANT panthers

    well here is mine! this is norm with ona she is 3 years old and kinda big for her age norm is 3 i think and is like 270 something grams lol but he is real close to 2 feet by a inch or 2 his tail when straight out was way past her fingers
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