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    RIP Katy Perry

    Wow...I was totally blown away this morning. I've been worrying about my Fischer's chameleon for months now, but my Peacock seemed to be thriving. He was eating, drinking and pooping just fine. He shed over the weekend. Yesterday morning I looked him in the eye and said hello. I didn't...
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    Cockroaches running upside down....

    Okay, since people here keep roaches and seem to be interested in bugs, I'm sharing this. I thought it was fun. It's video of roaches (and a gecko and a robot) doing a high speed "flip" over the edge to keep running upside down. **edited to add** Hey! I embedded a video! After 3 years...
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    Cool gliding lizards Tiny dragons! I want one!
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    Bambi or Bessie: Are wild animals happier?

    Andrew Sullivan had a link to this on his blog and I thought people here might be interested in it. I suspect most of us grapple with the morality of keeping a "wild animal". Bambi or Bessie: Are wild animals happier? Of course, for chameleons, "fellow members of their species" would come...
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    Scottrade chameleon ad

    It doesn't seem to be something I can embed....but it's pretty cool
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    RIP Spike....

    Spike was my first chameleon. He was a wild caught adult when I got him 2 years ago. He somehow survived my newbie learning curve. He'd been slowing down now for many months, so this was not a surprise. I will miss him, but I have to thank him for opening my eyes to the wonders of...
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    Crocheted Chameleon

    I mentioned in another post that I do free form crochet. Today I finished a project I'm going to enter in the County Fair next year. My crocheted chameleon.
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    The Crew at the DoLots....

    Okay...I've yet to post a picture, but I thought I'd take the plunge. I asked my husband to wield the camera. The big green one is (Captain) Crook, the little brown one is (Mister) Spike.
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