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  1. Jesse/demetri

    New timer tstat

    im looking to invest in a new advanced timer tstat for my cham. Im looking at the zoo med hygrotherm humidity/temperture controller any reviews or advice on which i should get thanks
  2. Jesse/demetri

    Dark cham

    so i already did some research but if someone can confirm for me that it is normal for a male veiled cham to get darker while hes basking to absorb light and sometimes hes basking spot can reach 100 degrees is that too hot .. Whats your input ??
  3. Jesse/demetri

    Dragon strand enclosure

    Interested in purchasing a new dragon strand enclosure but is 18 x18x36 really to small for an adult veiled chameleon
  4. Jesse/demetri


    as of now i have a cfl for my chams uvb but i would like to upgrade considereing hes getting bigger . Ive been interested in the T 5 lamps what do you recommend for a 24x24x36 enclosure
  5. Jesse/demetri


    so while cleaning my veiled chams cage i decided to run upstairs and grab him a butter worm out of the fridge so he can munch on, mean while i left the cage door open. i was intensely searching for him starting to get nervous cause i couldnt find him for about 10 min then finally i found him on...
  6. Jesse/demetri

    Hornworm growth?

    horns worm grow so fast is it true refrigerating them with slow there growth?
  7. Jesse/demetri


    How often do veiled chameleons shed when only 5/6 months old
  8. Jesse/demetri


  9. Jesse/demetri

    Diy spoild cham

    A diy cage i bulit that has everything needed to house a healthy chameleon what do you guys think any suggestings ? A diy cage i built works great and cheap have everything needed for a healthy chameleon .
  10. Jesse/demetri

    Horn worms

    just recently purchased beautiful horn worms from mulberry farms about an 1" long and my 5 month old veiled is eating fine but i want some input on how much hes eating is normal , right now hes eating about 4 - 8 1" long horn worms a day .
  11. Jesse/demetri


    how often do veiled chams shed and is there anything i should do to ease the process and is there behavioral issues i should be aware of .. Thanks
  12. Jesse/demetri


    im looking for a better feeder variety for my veiled cham, any online stores anyone would recommend ... Thank you
  13. Jesse/demetri


    ive been noticing on my 4 month old veiled chameleons tail is sometimes staright as an arrow just wondering if that is a normal trait or if theres a reason behind it ..
  14. Jesse/demetri


    my vieled chameleon is about 3-4 months old is it normal for black spots all over him when he gets irritated
  15. Jesse/demetri

    Not eating much

    my veiled chameleon seems to be shedding and he didnt eat much today is that normal
  16. Jesse/demetri

    Cup feeding

    When cup feeding my veiled chameleon should i leave food for him in the cage all day or feed him before or after work ?
  17. Jesse/demetri

    Cup feeding

    i cup feed my veiled chameleon and i usually place the cup midway up hes cage so he finds it. Would he find hes food if i place the cup on the ground ??
  18. Jesse/demetri


    Do veiled chameleons eat the dead crickets or mealworms or should i always feed him live food
  19. Jesse/demetri


    can you run lighting longer then 12 hours or is it a must ?
  20. Jesse/demetri

    Rs400 mister

    just bought the rs400 mister and wondering how long i should mist and how long between cycles
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