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  1. Brian S

    baby t. johnstoni

    That is a bad attitude to have. I understand that its difficult but you should have more of an open mind.
  2. Brian S

    Sambava or Nosey Be??

    Nosy Be. Your lucky for it is the breeders loss, your luck.
  3. Brian S

    Lola the Movie Star Chameleon.

    I've seen that happen with my chams. Sometimes they get stuck to whatever the cricket was on and they pull themselves off.
  4. Brian S

    Verricosus color morph I've not seen before

    His eyes look really sunken in. Is that normal?
  5. Brian S

    Help me please!!!!!

    Ahhh, i believe she has a disease called Tonious Montanious. JK she looks gravid in the picture. And if i'm not mistaken it looks like lumps on her abdomen. I would provide her with a 5 gal. bucket with a peat moss and sand mixture. She needs to be able to dig deep and then tunnel over. Give her...
  6. Brian S

    Auto Misting and Enclosure Comments?

    movieman- I would suggest that you go with a ProMist model. They are great and they are truly Dry run safe. Check out the thread for a few weeks ago to learn more about all of the misters.
  7. Brian S

    The All Maryland Reptile Show

    Sorry Jamie. I was in Tokyo and the computer would let me access them. If you do have some silkies then i would be happy to buy them from you. I need to buy some more chow first, but i will buy them from you. And BTW, i have NOTHING against utah except for the fact that nothing exciting ever...
  8. Brian S

    Meller's Chameleons

    Mellers can hate the world as i here. Will hayward is a great source of info, or if he doesn't know, he will point you in the right direction.
  9. Brian S

    The All Maryland Reptile Show

    You guys are lucky to be going. Jenna has some top notch stuff and is a very nice person. Pssshhhh, why do i have to live in utah? :mad:
  10. Brian S

    New Panther morph?

    I'm gone for three days and this is what happens! Sheeesh. Greetings to all from Japan!
  11. Brian S

    Water Softeners

    Hello all, My question to all of you is what effect of water softeners is on chams? I have quit doing showers until i know for sure that water softners are harmless. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks,
  12. Brian S

    What Happened

    Was he choking on something. Honworms can bite the throat wall and the cham can exphyxiate.
  13. Brian S

    Help with improvements on care

    yes and yes. And on the feeder thing, use your best judgement. Don't put in all feeders at once because it will confuse the cham (he won't know what to focus on.)
  14. Brian S

    Help with improvements on care

    Feed them 8-15 crix a day, 10-15 silkies a day, or 6-7 superworms a day. That is if you ONLY do crickets, or ONLY do silkies, ect. You can change up the amounts if you combine different insects. Silkworms are easy to use as a feeder and i find them to be a like a lot from my animals. As you know...
  15. Brian S

    Hi I'm new here. Please check my viv

    -1 cham per cage -no lights inside cage -more ventalation -no glass -get rid of the cricket carier -more foliage -Taller cage -Water needs to drip onto foliage I think that just about covers the large problems.
  16. Brian S

    Misting System

    I find this out now as my PMP-60 kit arrives. EDIT: I find the ProMist systems to be excellent! I would strongly recomend them to anybody and suggest that you give them a try.
  17. Brian S

    Help with improvements on care

    too big of a cage if it is 2.5'X2.5'X5'. They will not be able to efficiently hunt in an area that size at that age.
  18. Brian S

    Pics of One of My Ambanjas

    He isn't very happy. The best colors that i get out of my ambanja are when he's in the shower.
  19. Brian S

    Why can't I keep silkworms

    Keep them warm and dry. Don't expose the chow for too long or it will spoil.
  20. Brian S

    1 month old Carpet

    He looks like he's in mini-heaven. And Roo will be imortalized as a carpet chamleon, Muahahahahahahaha! Lol
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