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  1. Fearaffect

    Need Custom Enclosure Advice

    Heres my blog on how I built cages........
  2. Fearaffect

    Lobster Roaches

    Mixed sizes....50 for 15.00 local pickup. PM for shipping price Great feeders and breed faster then Dubias do!! Never buy crickets again!!
  3. Fearaffect

    so-cal+low70s= happy cham

    Yea its been nice last couple of days...and looks good for at least another week. Both my montiums were lookin dismal lately....they really need sunshine to thrive seems like.
  4. Fearaffect

    I seriously need help from someone!

    Only thing I can really see there is that since he is an "adult" and getting some natural sun outside.....ur using to much D3. Id reduce to 1-2x a month and reduce reg. calcium dustings to 2-3x a week. Gut load your insects real good prior to feeding.. Add an additional misting for about 1...
  5. Fearaffect

    I seriously need help from someone!

    That would be what the ambient temp. of the cage should be like from bottom to mid top during the day.........basking spots can be the mid 80's. Ive had montanes out basking when temps were in the 90's with no bad effects on them, yet others were in the middle of their cage in the...
  6. Fearaffect

    Has it always been about panthers?

    Oh how little you know.......ALOT of us keep other species.....look at the signature tags on the bottom of member's posts.......most of us put what we have down there to let others know. If you havent already, joining the KCK(Kinyongia Chameleon Keepers) is a great way to get in touch with...
  7. Fearaffect


    Darwin is like the cham. equivalent of a He lets Ginger dress him up all the time.....
  8. Fearaffect

    K. boehmei

    Very nice!! Like Jared said, hope they dont take so long to hatch.....
  9. Fearaffect

    Young Peacock chameleon.

    Another must have cham......I know Jeremy agrees with me on that..:D Probably one of the best green shades of the cham world..........more pics are needed!!
  10. Fearaffect

    Pics of my Trioceros montiums

    I think she is......just this past Monday I felt 2 egg size bumps on her left still hoping for at least I can catch those 2...... But I water them so much, it just saturates the whole area of the Ill check b4 I water them in the morning.
  11. Fearaffect

    Pics of my Trioceros montiums

    Well, Im depressed....and from what one member said, a "Butthead"......... Took them outside for some much needed sunning.....and decided to do some xtra leaf cleaning.......found 4 bad eggs underneath several of the leaves..... Cant believe I didnt catch them OR she didnt use her lay...
  12. Fearaffect

    Welcome home, Kivuli!

    Super cool!! She looks great, hopefully you'll have success with this K.
  13. Fearaffect

    Jumping Cham.....oh my!

    Ive had chams jump off of my head(6ft) and land on cement and grass.....had a K. multi. catch some wind and leap off of a plum tree and land almost 15ft away. None were injured in any falls. My female montium has jumped off of my hand onto the ground and made a run for it when I got her, didnt...
  14. Fearaffect

    Is the Forever Cage , really a forever cage?

    I misted my panthers 3-4x a day depending on if inside or outside. It also depends on your area....if u live in a dry or more humid place. Basically......(my schedule) 8am(30mins after lighting on) 10mins. 10am=1min(usually skip if things r still moist n cage), 12 or 1pm=1min, 5pm=5/10mins for...
  15. Fearaffect

    Is the Forever Cage , really a forever cage?

    Most people agree that 2x2x4ft cage is what a male panther needs. I have kept males in cages like the one your looking at though(temp. outside caging) but...IMO....taller is better with chams. I think the Kammers are just trying to make it so you can have a younger and adult cham grow up in...
  16. Fearaffect

    What is your chameleons name?! :p

    Martok and Jadzia for the montiums and K'less for the veiled
  17. Fearaffect

    Calcium with d3 or without?

    You should have both...... What species do you have? Alot of montanes require less D3 dusting then the other species do. Young chams, I dust with calcium every/every other feeding and if only using a UVB bulb(no sun) dust 2x a month with D3. If your cham gets sun every day then you can dust...
  18. Fearaffect

    trioceros montium

    Awesomeness Montium Style!!...... Looks like we all got some good pairs this latest shipment.......very nice Your male might be "metro" though.......:rolleyes::p
  19. Fearaffect

    Who likes Polkadots? I do!

    meh.......Oustalet's or even a Brown Basilisk has even more color then this bland looking "chameleon"...... BUT, since u like it...guess Ill agree with the others and say that it is one fine looking cham. u got there bud......
  20. Fearaffect

    what have you learned from the forums?

    Ive learned to never.....NEVER....bring up a Faly purity thread.......ahem....:eek:
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