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  1. junglejoe

    2 green tree pythons

    new price drop.. $330 plus shipping on each animal..
  2. junglejoe

    2 green tree pythons

    Hello i am selling a male and female GTP... the male is a 09 male jayapura / biak cross...from k. sieberts lineage..i do have a pedigree on this animal.. hes a bit picky at eating sometimes, but healthy.. he was born with a small bump in the middle of his spine.. it doesnt seem to bother him...
  3. junglejoe

    trade ATB for exo terra monsoon

    i have this female amazon tree boa..around 3 yrs old.. pretty tame.. holdable...eating great.. $120..+++ shipping... small flat rate box.... OR TRADE FOR A EXO TERRAA MONSOON OR FOGGERS...
  4. junglejoe

    fruit fly explosion

    sorry everyone.. theses cultures went bad... i just got a mite infestation in them.. goint to toss them all out.. and prep a better keeping area... i will be culturing more in thr near future.. i have alot of people wanting them... so i will keep it going.. gimmie a few to get re established and...
  5. junglejoe

    fruit fly explosion

    i cultured a few to many cultures..and now hve about 2,000 + small fruit flies to many... going to ask $4.00 each + shipping.. i use flat rate boxes... each tub has a few hundred flies....i have plenty to go me... i do have a credit machine if you dont have pay pal..
  6. junglejoe

    Fruit Fly Culture Health Question

    I strongly agree with the above statement... i personaly wouldnt snick my nose in a tub of moist smelly flys,maggots..and who knows what..... sorry to hear of your father has lung cancer and only smoked for 2 years when he was 16-18..hes 70 now.. life gets ya in any way it can.. i...
  7. junglejoe

    2 adult males for sale

    Chams sold Sold.. Thanks cnzoman...cant wait to see gtp...
  8. junglejoe

    Amazon tree boa

    Hello all u pfor trade is this Amazon tree boa.. unknown sex.. beleive female.. rescued her from people..who didnt feed her in over a month.. shes doing great...looking to trade for dart frogs..or red eye tree frogs.. or even a GTP...
  9. junglejoe

    2 adult males for sale

    new price $760 for pair +shipping.. or $380 each +shipping
  10. junglejoe

    2 adult males for sale

    acepting offers.. $875 for the pair plus shipping..
  11. junglejoe

    2 adult males for sale

    first off is ""hit man"".. my 14 month male ambilobe.. purple bars.. green to yellow in seconds.. proven breeder... second is ""tritton"" not sure of exact age..but is between 15 months and 18 months.. he is a CH from a WC female....asking price is $500 each or trade for a few green tree pythons..




  14. 'HIT-MAN'...for sale

    'HIT-MAN'...for sale

  15. "HIT-MAN'' for sale

    "HIT-MAN'' for sale

  16. "HIT-MAN" for sale

    "HIT-MAN" for sale

  17. junglejoe

    all my chams 4 sale

    update.. nosey pair and female ambilobe are sold.. thanks chad.. keep me posted on how their doing...both adult males still left..$550 each plus shipping... if youve pm'd me on eggs sorry if i havent gotten back to you.. been swamped by egg iqires... have to count them and see where i am..
  18. junglejoe

    all my chams 4 sale

    hey all getting out of breeding chameleons.. im wanting a green tree python.. i have a wc male sambava 12 mnths.$550. ambilobe male with female..$550 pair...super blue nosey from bruces line.. hes 4-5 months $300..with female.$400.eggs $25 each. pm me for pics..or look at my album
  19. junglejoe

    Wild green grasshoppers

    hoppers i usually go out once a week and catch a few hundred hoppers in my neibors feilds.. my chams love em...ive actually kept them alive with my cricket gut load.. but for the hoppers i usually grind up raw dried peas and pumpkin seads..along with the tall say catch as many as you...
  20. junglejoe

    How do you keep crickets?

    crickets i raise and breed my own crickets.. i dont have really any deaths from birth to adult hood..i have them from start to finish in large plastic tubs,tops cut out with screen added... i mix up my own gut load ..and my moisture is usually pototoes & carrots..somtimes oranges..try to keep...
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