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    A success

    Good luck!! Keep your female(s) healthy and suggest you read the thread directly below your's. Michael
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    Peacock Baby and Adult

    Very nice pictures!! Enjoy raising your ark!! Michael
  3. Divi from Truly Nolen.

    Divi from Truly Nolen.

    Melleri disposing of a delicious guest.
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    White puffy skin on crest?

    From the pics, you cham looks like he was rubbing the top of the cage, as others have described. But it also looks like a blister on top of his casque from the light bulb. Do you keep it on top of the cage? Definately too close and too small of a cage. I do not have experience with burns...
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    Baby Deremenis Chameleon Just Hatched!

    Nice pic! Good luck with them, I may be looking in three or four months at your ads... Michael
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    Signs that they're gonna give birth?

    I have no idea. I just came home one day and they were embryos all over the floor. I had to get some out of the sacs and 8 made it from 10. I knew she was pregnant but I didn't know when she was due. Ask Jason? at wild eye reptiles, I think they have bred them. When mine pops this time...
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    Pregnant cham behavior?

    werneris Your female is showing acceptance color, in other words she's ready... I mated my pair on 3/4/06 and she has looked like a balloon since the beginning of May. Michael
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    Pregnant cham behavior?

    sounds like she is pregnant. Alot of energy is going into her . Do you have her indoors? Male?fighting?, bingo- preggers! Usually the apetite will decrease if an animal is sick or bored with food, but yours should be a little piggie. I feed mine more often but smaller servings; just...
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    To breed or not to breed?

    You have several venues including the internet, newspaper, pet shops, other breeders, reptile shows, etc. When selling you 'babies' you just have to let go...It sucks but you have to just hope. You cannot hold everyone to your standards or else you'll have everything you raise. There are...
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    Brreding troubles for panthers

    Chamtree is right, she will move away if she is ok, he will eventually catch up. Just step in if you see her attacking him. You should be ready to go the distance if this is what you want, so read up on breeding! If you are just doing this b/c your panther is randy, then I suggest you...
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    Raising Silkworms!

    Mulberry farms is also another vender. I think Coastal's advertising is bogus. Personally, you should charge by size, it cost more to raise them longer. He doesn't charge by size because he only sells them as 1/4 - 1.5inch. That is small or medium by MF standards. I have ordered from both...
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    Roaches-Where to buy?

    Try the products are good. Michael
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    veiled problems

    Sorry, try your best to find a Vet with reptile experience. Michael
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    veiled problems

    I concur. Look up a vet an make an appointment asap. This will help the symptoms. But we need to look at solving the problem. What is your dusting schedule like for his food? Was his leg always like this? After getting back from the vet, please reply answering Michele's questions, they...
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