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    So, just read the 'Unhelpful Things on the forum'...

    and thought to expand one of the conversations there. Out of my lurking for a bit, decided to pop my head in and say hi. Hi :) Anyways, common thread replies were mostly based around repeating information and advice. This forum, being the Chameleon Forum, is often the first stop for new...
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    What is coming out of the roach butt?

    Fantastic! Now that its gone through some terrible suffering and has managed to recover its well fit to be eaten alive.
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    What is a safe silicone spray sealant to make the enclosure of the china cabinet waterproof as I am making my chameleon a new enclosure?

    GE Silicon 1 - clear (but its not a spray, its a tube) It's the sealant reefers use on our aquariums and anything put in them. It's 100% silicon with no additives. There are others out there that make the same claims at 3-4x the price. Just make sure you fully allow it to dry and cure before you...
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    Is my panther chameleon too small?

    FYI, my guy is on the small side as well. Healthy, eats, active (mostly), all good. Just smallish. Maybe it's not uncommon? He's 7" without tail and weighs in at 6.7oz
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    ahhh bugs in my bugs lmaoo

    Just an FYI, I'm run my colony at room temp (approx 70). They're fine at the lower temps (65-75) but activity is decreased. If you drop a heat mat under the container they're in, and bring it up to 80 they'll breed like roaches. :)
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    Chameleon Feeding Schedules

    I am curious what we feed our chams, how often, their size and weights, and do you notice any weight changes seasonally (or any other odd tidbit). Just info to add to my disorganized mental database. Might also be a nice reference if people are concerned or wondering about their husbandry. I'm...
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    Welcome My New Boy Loki!💚

    Congrats. Looking forward to the build info.
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    Anyone have any lethargic periods?

    I'm actually in NJ
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    Anyone have any lethargic periods?

    You're not gonna come here and beat me up, are you?
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    ahhh bugs in my bugs lmaoo

    Ive got a thriving colony and seeded it with a 'clean up crew' which is made up of small black beetles and one or two types of segmented worm (like a mealworm but tinier). It looks to me like that's your case. Maybe they made their way in when you seeded the container with dubia. Can't guarantee...
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    Anyone have any lethargic periods?

    Last 4 days Special Agent Pardalis has been in the same spot. He's not basking, or moving at all as far as I've observed. He looks fine, reaches for the occasional Dubia, doesn't seem dehydrated, and is actively tracking stuff. Took him out for a few minutes yesterday and he got to wander and...
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    What are Some of Your Favorite Songs and Music Videos?

    Random eclectic mix of some of my go to bands... Bowie and Gilmore…Comfortably Numb Trent Reznor (NIN) and Peter Murphy (Bauhaus)…Reptile Madness,,, Shame and Scandal (fun song, nice twist) MIsfits…Dig Up Her Bones (almost went with Hunting Humans) The Interrupters (really digging these...
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    What are Some of Your Favorite Songs and Music Videos?

    HA, ripping through these while trolling. I'm a big punk guy, but think 2 out of 3 is one of the greatest ballads written. He used to perform at a community college I was in student government in and would oft be around on campus. His real name was Mike, we'd call him Mr. Loaf which he always...
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    10 year-old buying chameleon

    Looks like he wasn't happy with the advice and his account is unregistered atm. I feel bad for the kid. He's excited about it but has no clue what he's getting into. And that cham is going to suffer, and probably die, for it. Perhaps he'll take it as a life lesson.
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    What is coming out of the roach butt?

    You should take the poor guy to the vet
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    Tongue, aiming, and eating concerns

    Couple weeks in still no change, will keep with the regime. Beman, he's eating approximately 2 medium dubias every 2 days or so.
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    10 year-old buying chameleon

    Oh my. Just dropped in to lurk and saw this thread. Please think of the cost, the time, the equipment, the food, the maintenance, but mostly, this is an animal's life. Contrary to cartoons and movies, chameleons do not quick change color to match their environment, and they are not necessarily...
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    Country wide shortage of distilled water???

    I run reef aquariums so I've used a number of 'distillers' over the years. Look for a RO (Reverse Osmosis) system, or an RO/DI (Reverse Osmosis/De-Ionizing) system. You'll save a ton in the long run if you can set one up. A good option for the buck is the RO Buddy system, they're affordable and...
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    Panther Not Eating?

    Hi. I'm late to the party, but I've got a male panther about the same age. I was concerned for him over the past few weeks due to major changes in his behavior, which occurred over a period of weeks. He's been a bit lethargic most mornings. Where he used to be basking 10 minutes after lights on...
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    3D Printed Feeder Run

    Ha! The amount of times I've come home to that. FYI, I'm running an Ender5 pro and was ready to throw it off the roof due to adhesion issues. Tape, glue sticks, hairspray, glass plates, painter's tape, etc... Picked up a PEI plate, I run the thing almost 24/7 now and haven't hit any snags. Best...
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