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  1. ClmbrJ

    Veilded chameleon

    matter of fact a lot of times they will hand feed in the young to adolesent stages, then slowly lose intrest as they get older ( I have head two do this, including my current male) as stated above let me reinterate, these are NOT "freindly" creatures My current cham went from seeming to...
  2. ClmbrJ

    Wire Cage

    The first one I built was simple enough. it was built for a typical terrarium top to fit over, with a lamp pole behind it for a drip system and heat lamp. cheap, but not very easy. These guys are really right. Make it yourown and you will be much happier.
  3. ClmbrJ

    I ate a small Lizard

    so long as that lizard had not come into contact with any bad chemicals you should be fine. My cham doesn't seem interested in what could hurt him. He has seen a few lady bugs and pays no attention, 30 seconds later when it is a baby anole....LOOK OUT that is the fastest I ever see him move...
  4. ClmbrJ

    Chams Are So Great !!!!!!!!!!

    yeah heard about this a couple days ago. Kind of ironic that it causes short term memeory loss but than prevents long term!! Similarly, when I was in college if I studied high I had to be high for the test, like I had two seperate avenues of memeory, one for sober, the other...not. There...
  5. ClmbrJ


    Um, know it is the shoots your using to cook with right? Sorta like hearts of palm. Your cham might be able to digest the center part of the bamboo, or even a leaf or new shoot. This might happen naturaly when hunting flies or insects on some crushed bamboo after a tree had...
  6. ClmbrJ

    Chams Are So Great !!!!!!!!!!

    I am on to you both!!! SMP
  7. ClmbrJ

    A Shock

    Ya know, we had a discussion on this not too long ago. Your exactly right, I mean this could lead to chams who don't need as much UVB , or are less at risk to MBD, who knows? But, at least for now Hieka is right, money makes the world go round!
  8. ClmbrJ

    A Shock

    hmm, where have I been? I been missin out on a great topic that's where!! Like em? no not really, I do not find them attractive. Study them and breed for that intention? hell, I would rather see that than selling 200 dollar vields left and right to people who have never had a cham...
  9. ClmbrJ

    Hibiscus Lighting

    well Zerah since you brought it up...... I have a friend who uses the "high photosynthesis" set-up and I have asked him a lot of questions about it and toyed around in the grow room with thermometers and humidity guages. From what few experiments I have done it looks like I would need a...
  10. ClmbrJ

    jackson fell and dislocated leg

    well I would watch to see if she favors it at all. I would assume (ass u me) that it would be like any other disslaoction where once back in socket it is just a little sore for a while.
  11. ClmbrJ

    Karma Chameleon's custom built penthouse

    your cage is very nice. Great job planning and building. Good to see you did all your homework before the purchase. Congrats!!1 Maybe a littlre more vegetation?
  12. ClmbrJ

    Help sleepy chameleon

    do you have contact info for the breeder you buoght it from? You may try reimbursment in exchange for the return of the Cham. I wouldn't feel bad for putting the Cham down if that is what you must do, just be sure in yourself that you have done what you could.
  13. ClmbrJ


    Running straight tap water?
  14. ClmbrJ

    hours of light

    could you re-worl or elaborate on the plant part. I don't think I understood corectly
  15. ClmbrJ

    pesky ants!

    please do not use ajax, if you have, clean it with a sponge or wet rag (unless you have a heppa filter vacume(one that actually works -if you can smell it it doesn't)) As far as the ants go, trust me the live in yemen and madacascar. Unless they are fire ants (which are territorial) then...
  16. ClmbrJ

    hours of light

    hmmmm, this might explain why my chams have always "slowed" down a little in the winter. I never thought about tweaking his light hours down, I bet the little guy is just too tired from all the light.:rolleyes:
  17. ClmbrJ

    Enclosure help

    there is tuff all over the web about this. Search pics and forum sites, your not going to have much luck just asking for someone to explain it to you since we all have done so too many times to recall. Just put a little more effort into it, the info is closer than you think. -J
  18. ClmbrJ

    Are we breeding into sub-specie

    Wow! too much to respond to! thanks everyone for posting up, this has proved to be way more interesting than I thought. A lot of it has gone off into tagents I must admit I haven't done enough research to comment on. But I think I do have something to add. I think humans today try to...
  19. ClmbrJ

    What do you make of this...

    hmmm and we aren't breeding away from the neutral outdoor specie huh? I wonder how many generations it would take breed in that trait and have an all white clutch.
  20. ClmbrJ

    Are we breeding into sub-specie

    morning everyone! Eric, In no way am I saying we should feel guilty! I dont at all, I am doing exactly as you say...preserving something that has no home. And I do Love my Cham, as well as my three dogs, ferret, turtle, and the racoon that I have trained to bring me pecans in exchange for...
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